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First of all, Unix (and even Linux) is NOT virus free. Although rare, there are viruses for such systems.

One of the primary reasons that Unix / Linux do not get as many viruses is that the ability of different users is limited. Non-technical users will be restricted in their ability to install, run, or modify software. More experienced users will usually be given more privileges. Without inexperienced users installing software at a whim, over 90 % of the threat of viruses and malware is removed.

Linux is even further protected against viruses because Linux is by nature a heterogeneous platform. To be effective, the program would have to be capable of affecting multiple versions of the kernel, and use exploits in a variety of programs.

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Q: Why is the Unix operating system virus free?
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Which operating system has the free and open source software?

Unix and Linux

Why is Linux develop?

To create a Free OS like the UNIX Operating System, They wanted to create a system that was like UNIX without all of the intellectual property issues that UNIX had. (UNIX was proprietary software).

Free unix operating system source code?

If I understand your question....vague as it is....yes, the Unix OS source code is free and open source.

What does GNU stand for?

GNU is an operating system composed of free software. This operating system also has an icon which is a gnu,wildebeest head.GUJARAT NATIONAL UNIVERSITYGNU definition from GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU operating system.after some research i came to know GNU acronym is "GNU's not Unix" here GNU stands for "Genuinely Not Unix" Operating System.

How do you make system VIRUS free?

use linux operating system

Why is Linux operating system said to be a virus free operating system?

Virus free is not true at all. However, virus writers have a harder time in a linux environment. and linux distros don't run as admin/root by default .

Is UNIX-operating system a free software?

Currently, The Open Group owns the "Unix" trademark. No, Unix branded operating systems are proprietary and copyrighted. They are not free or open systems software. From its start until 1993, Unix distributions included all their source code. Programmers have made many free and open Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Dragonfly BSD, Mach, OpenSolaris, etc.

State the operating system that has free and open source software?

Linux or Unix are open source and some are versions are free and others aren't. Unix is based off of Linux, and both have many different variations. One popular Unix system is Ubuntu

What is OpenBSD?

OpenBSD is a free an open-source Unix-like operating system, with a primary focus on security.

How do you keep clean our operating system from virus?

AntiVir or AVG are two good free anti-virus programs.

Is UNIX used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?

No. Licensed Unix implementations are a proprietary flexible general purpose operating system originally marketed for minicomputers and mid-range computers to support multiple users and tasks. When Personal Computers became available, versions of Unix were created for them. Unix was also implemented for the IBM mainframe. This is not the same as Linux which is an open source free system with many of the same capabilities and look & feel of unix but without the licensing requirement of unix.

What operating system is NetBSD based on?

NetBSD is a free, open-source, unix like, multi-platform operating system descended from Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) and based on 4.4BSD Lite.

Is Linux 100 percent free of viruses?

In simple terms: Linux is an operating system. A virus is a malicious application that infects and attempts to damage or altar system files in a computer/operating system. You can get a virus in Linux, yes, as with any operating system but no Linux itself is not a virus. Just make sure anything you use is from a trusted source.

What was the idea behind Linux?

The idea behind Linux was to create an operating system that could run UNIX software, but would be free.

What operating system can be downloaded for free of the internet?

Unix and any Unix based operating systems can be downloaded for free. There are also many operating systems that can run on top of Windows or side by side. Many of these types of operating systems are Lynix based. All of these operating systems are "open source" which means that any one that knows how to, they can modify, rewrite, or add new features to the programs. Being open source software is that makes it free to download.

Why is Linux a virus free operating system?

No there are Linux malware in the wild. However, there are fewer when compared to Windows and access to the operating system is more difficult than it is for Windows.

Is the architecture of Linux based on DOS?

No. Linux is a free, open-source version of UNIX. Many of DOS's commands were based on UNIX commands, but the underlying operating system is much more powerful than DOS.

Why ProC is used only on Unix and not on Windows?

The /proc file system is used internally by the Unix and Linux operating systems. Unix and Windows do things differently; Windows uses the registry, which in a sense is what the /proc file system does, but in a different way. Operating systems are all different; they are free to implement ideas and details in any way they want to. If you are asking about the Pro*C compiler, that's a different matter.

Is Google Chrome virus free and safe?

Nothing is virus free and safe. No matter what operating system, or internet browser you ever use; nothing is virus safe. The best thing you can do is keep your system up to date, keep your browser up to date, and ascertain that you have a great virus detection program installed.

What type of operating system do personal desktop computers use?

Free operating systems based on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) Unix based operating systems (e.g. Apple's) Proprietary operating systems that are locked into one manufacturer and therefore expensive (e.g. MS Windows).

How do you get rid of the bloodhound virus in Windows XP operating system?

This is the free Microsoft anti-virus line. This is a totally free service that will walk you through the virus removal steps: For support within the United States and Canada, call toll-free (866) PCSAFETY (727-2338).

Which free hack is the best?

John the Ripper is free software for password cracking which was initially designed for the Unix Operating System. At present, it can keep running on 15 Operating systems which includes 11 different versions of UNIX, Win32, DOS and BeOS. It has the potential to combine several password crackers into a single package which has made it one of the most popular cracking tools for hackers.

Is Ubuntu a good operating system?

Ubuntu is a solid Virus free operating system. It gets updates on a daily bases with a new version out every 6 months. Its all free and works fast with a huge community of support behind you to help you out with any problems. All software and download are free and all can be downloaded within the operating system. Couple of clicks and its installed with no effort. The operating system can be customised into almost anything you can imagtion. There is nothing you cant change.

What is GNU?

GNU is a Unix-like operating system created and funded by the Free Software Foundation. One of the goals of the Free Software Foundation was an operating system composed entirely of free software. Many pieces, such as shells, utilities, and compilers were created for this purpose. The GNU operating system has yet to be fully completed, due to slow development and debates about design goals. Most of the programs created for GNU have been ported to other kernels and operating systems, most notably Linux.Note: This question refers to an operating system. For the animal, see 'What is a gnu?' in the Related questions section below.

Why is apple computer so famous?

Apple computers have become famous in the past 10 years or so because of their new operating system. in 1999, Apple released the new OSX operating system, which is based on the very stable unix architecture. The new operating system was fast, stable, and nearly virus free. Apple continued building on this operating system, and it gained popularity. They provided excellent hardware along with their good software, which is taking over the world of personal computers. In short, Apple is famous because they make a good, user friendly computer.