Why is the birth rate in Kenya Higher than the Birth Rate in the UK?

Reason 1:

Kenya doesn't practise abortion as it primarily doesn't have the sufficient equipment, this means that more children are born. Though some are still births, this still contributes towards a high birth rate

Reason 2:

Kenya is an LEDC (less ecenomicaly developed country). It is typical for each family to have 8 to 20 children, because they don't have retirement homes.The lack of retirement homes means that adults will need to be cared for in their old age so by having many children they will theoretically have many carers.

Reason 3:

Again, LEDC's have more children as there is a high infant mortality rate, by having more children more are likely to survive. An example of this would be: I want 5 children but at least 2/5 of them will die so I will have 8 children. This means i will have my required amount of children in case some die. The UK has a relatively low infant mortality rate.
Hope my editing helped, Holly.