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Why is the button not working on automatic gearshift Nissan 300ZX to allow car to go into overdrive?


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I just read on another site, that the switch is controlled by the engine temp. It will not allow the Z to go into overdrive if the car is not up to temp. Could be the t-stat is stuck open or the engine temp switch is bad. Research engine temperature controls. Just a place to start.


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if it is an automatic leave it in overdrive. the transmission knows when to change into the overdrive gear. if it is a manual listen to the motor. if you have in overdrive and it bogs down while accelerating then down shift to a lower gear.

In Nissan Sunny (and some other cars too), overdrive is ON when the button is DEPRESSED and there's NO LIGHT in the dashboard. The automatic transmission will utilise all the 4 forward gears (the 4th gear being the overdrive that helps in fuel economy -- similar to 5th gear in a manual gearbox). This is the recommended setting for normal driving. When the button is NOT DEPRESSED, you turn OFF overdrive, and the indicator LIGHTS UP in the dashboard. In this mode, the automatic transmission will NOT shift into 4th gear.

i do not yet doing that but i just know that the light for the gearshift is located at the dash board light

check the wiring inside and around the shifter where it enters.

On the Nissan 240SX the electric overdrive switch is located on the right side of the transmission. Overdrive allows shifting into the auto's fourth gear.

its always best to use your overdrive when on highways at higher speeds

Hi, I have the Nissan Altima 2001 too and the overdrive switch in on the gear shifter handle and just below the shift push button.

yes. it will only shift into overdrive when it is needed.

If your 93 Nissan Pathfinder transmission won't shift into overdrive, check the transmission fluid levels. Ensure the fluid is at the proper level.

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its controlled by the button on the side of your gearstick (auto).

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