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check the air flow through the radiator. make sure nothing is blocking it or that nothing is between the condenser and radiator like furry plant deposits. no plastic bags etc...

2006-08-04 01:42:34
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What are moderate tides?

Moderate means not extremely strong

What do we call moderate tides?

"Moderate" in this case means that they are not extremely strong.

Seashores have moderate temperature comment?

There are many seashores that have a moderate temperature. This is because the water acts as a buffer and stabilizes temperature.

What is moderate heat?

Moderate Heat is when the engine keeps a stable temperature. The temperature gauge is supposed to stay at a moderate heat when performing normally.

What is the moderate temperature of the oven?

Moderate should be 350 degrees.

What is moderate temperature?

you tell me

What is a sentence using the word moderate?

She is undergoing moderate depression.The temperature throughout the year seems to be moderate.

What is a good sentence with the word moderate?

The temperature here is moderate for most of the year.

What degree is a moderate temperature?


How does water moderate temperature?

Water moderate air temperature by absorbing heat from air that is warmer, and releasing the stored heat to air that is cooler.

Is Canada very cold moderate extremely wet or cool?

Depends on where...

What word means a mild or moderate temperature?


What is a mesophile?

Mesophiles are moderate-temperature-loving microbes.

What is the definition of moderate climate?

an average climate temperature

What is optimum temperature for staphylococcus?

Well its moderate temarature

What type of weather does NorthDakota have?

middling to fair, becoming cyclonic, moderate but good.

What about Earth allows it to maintain bodies of water Comet crashes tides mountains or moderate temperature?

its moderate temperatures

What is one way in which water can moderate temperature?

Water moderates temperature through evaporation, such as when you sweat.

How do you use the word moderate in a sentence?

(adjective) The temperature here is moderate for most of the year. (verb) The website WikiAnswers uses volunteer supervisors who moderate the various categories.

Climates tend to be moderate by large bodies of water because?

The high specific heat helps to moderate the air temperature.

What are the differences between an adequate diet balanced diet moderate diet and varied diet?

An adequate diet contains all nutrients necessary for long-term survival. It may not necessarily be optimal or have any variety. A balanced diet refers to a diet that does not have too much of just one thing. For instance, if you eat nothing but rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, and corn, then that is NOT a balanced diet because it has too many starches and not enough protein, fiber, or fat. A moderate diet is like a balanced diet. Not extreme in any way: not extremely low fat, not extremely low carb, not extremely high sugar; everything is very moderate. However 'moderate' tends to be a VERY subjective term, because what is moderate for one person may not be moderate for another. A varied diet simply means you are not eating the same foods every day; the foods that you eat vary, which prevents you from becoming deficient in any nutrient.

Does the moon have a more moderate climate than earth?

No, as the moon has no atmosphere the temperature changes on the moon vary to extremely hot during the lunar day to well below freezing during the lunar night. Well more extreme than the temperature changes we see on Earth.

What type of weathering takes place in moderate temperature?

Biological weathering takes place in moderate temperatures. Abrasion weathering is caused by moving water or wind. That can happen in moderate temperatures.

What biome is characterized by moderate temperature and abundant precipitation?

Temparate rainforests

What is the weather like in Bulgaria in March?

March is with moderate temperature. Its Spring.