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Why is the golden toad extinct?

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As late as 1994, five years after the last sighting, researchers still hoped that B. periglenes continued to live in underground burrows, as similar toad species have lifespans of up to twelve years.[5] By 2004 IUCN listed the species as extinct, after an evaluation involving Savage (who had first discovered them 38 years earlier). IUCN's extinction was based on the lack of sightings since 1989 and the "extensive search[ing]" that had been done since without result.[3] Tim Flannery describes the extinction of the golden toad as Costa Rica's first extinction due to global warming,[4] but this is not the only explanation for the loss of the species that has been put forward. Jennifer Neville examines the different hypotheses explaining the extinction of the golden toad in her article "The Case of the Golden Toad: Weather Patterns Lead to Decline". Neville comes to the conclusion that Crump's El Niño hypothesis is "clearly support[ed]" by the available data.[5] IUCN gives numerous possible reasons in its description of the past threats to the species, including "[the golden toad's] restricted range, global warming, chytridiomycosis and airborne pollution".[3] Neville also mentions arguments that an increase in UV-B radiation, fungus or parasites, or lowered pH levels contributed to the Golden Toad's extirpation.[5] It has also been hypothesized that an invasive species, not native to the area, could have caused the extinction. Theorists claim that tourists brought this invasive species to Costa Rica. The years prior to the extinction of the golden toad, tourism grew exponentially in Costa Rica fueled by the new relative stability of the Costa Rican government and improved relations with the United States. Programs such as Peace Corps brought thousands of Americans to Costa Rica in this time period. Specifically, species from cold regions such as Chicago could thrive in warm climates. The introduction of a new species could have had detrimental effects on the small, golden toad populations. B. periglenes would have lacked much variation in genes due to restrictive nature of breeding within the same population. The mutation necessary to survive the new invasive species could have been lacking in B. periglenes. Pictures from one such Peace Corps volunteer, Peter Jude LoPresti, verify over 8 golden toads seen only months before their documented extinction. Invasive species theory could account for the rapidity of the golden toad's extinction

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What is a Golden Toad?

* A golden toad is a toad that is now extinct and once lived in Coasta Rica

An extinct animal?

The Bottle Nosed Dolphin The Golden Toad

What species is the golden Toad part of?

The golden toad (Bufo periglenes) is a true toad. They have not been seen anywhere in the world since 1989 and are listed as an extinct species.

How did the golden toad become extinct?

climate change in the air levels.

When were Golden Toad extinct?

They have not been observed since May 11, 1989.

What animail are extinct?

These are the animals extinct in this century: The Baji Dolphin *West African Black Rhino The Golden Toad Craugastor Ecoses Holdridge's Toad Spix's Macaw (Extinct in Wild) Po'o-uli Kama'o Hawaiian Crow (Extinct in Wild) Pyrenean Ibex *Possibly Extinct

What are some amphibians that start with the letter g?

Giant Marine ToadGolden MantellaGolden toad, Bufo periglenes, extinct since 1989Great crested newt, Triturus cristataGreen-and-black Poison Dart Frog

Are golden monkeys extinct?

No Golden Monkeys are not extinct

Is the golden frog extinct?

yes, the golden frog is now extinct

List how many species have become extinct?

There are so many..... first of all the dino's are extinct.''' There are also the following animals The baiji dolphin The west African black rino The golden toad The holdridge toad The spixes macaw (which is a bird) The po'o-uli (which is a bird) The hawiian crow The pyrenean ibex (which is a deer)

What animals went extinct in the last 500 years?

Many animals have gone extinct since 1514. Examples include: Eskimo Curlew, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Martinique Curly-tailed Lizard, Golden Toad and Ainsworth's Salamander.

What is a Nigerian toad?

A Nigerian toad that was only found in the southern part of Nigeria.This kind of toad comes from the amphibian part of the family.these kind of toad are almost extinct because they are used for food

Is a golden toad a herbivore?

Nope. It eats insects.

What is the most toxic toad?

The Golden Poisen Frog

What type of consumer is the Andean Toad?

Isn't that the breed that almost went extinct?

How many golden frogs are left?

The golden frog is almost extinct.

Is the golden toad a reptile or fish?

Neither. Toads are amphibians.

How many creatures have gone extinct in the last 10-15 years?

Hundreds of creatures have gone extinct in the last decade. They include the golden toad, Baiji dolphin, Pyrenean ibex, Pinta Island tortoise, Mariana mallard, and the Mexican grizzly bear. The exact number of animals to have gone extinct in the last decade is unknown.

Were golden hamsters thought to be extinct?

Yes, Syrian hamsters (golden hamsters) were thought to be extinct until a man found a mother and her litter.

Is a Wyoming toad extinct?

No, but is virtually nonexistent in the wild. They are in isolation to help restart the population.

How much does the golden toad weight?

approximately .2-.6 grams.

Is a golden toad a vertebrate?

Yes. Toads are amphibians and thus vertebrates.

What would happen if the golden eagle got extinct?

There would be no more Golden Eagles.

Why are golden lion tamarin extinct?

They are not extinct, but are endangered, with only around 1000 left in the wild.

Are the golden toads extinct?

yes as of November 2009

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