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I think Weather is the main reason .

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Q: Why is the grass in your lawn turning yellow?
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The lawn is turning yellow from using grass and weed killer what can you do to save it?

weed killer has turned my lawn yellow

Why is the grass in your lawn turning bright yellow the colour of a honeydew melon?

because it is DRYING!

Why is grass turning yellow and powdery?

Yellow powder on grass

Why is your grass turning yellow?

Your grass is dieing

Why is grass turning yellow?

Your lawn can go yellow for a varity of reasons. like when objects are placed on it the grass starts lacking sunlight and goes yellow. or lack of water, too much pesticide or moles. maybe its not getting enough sunlight. Animal urine won't help either. If it starts going yellow water it or use lawn feeds. cutting grass does have a very harmful effect somtimes as when you cut it, it will lose a lot of moisture. so after cutting water it and or use lawn feed. Grass can recover.

How do you get rid of yellow grass with home remedies?

If you cut your own grass and leave the cut grass on your lawn it acts like a self fertilizer

Why grass turns yellow?

Lawn grass turns yellow not simply due to lack of water, but due to lack of fertilizing. I have had a well-watered yellow lawn that turned green within one week of fertilizing. The reason? Over-watering washes nutrients (fertilizers) down through the soil out of reach of the grass's roots.

What are the Esperanto words for grass and lawn?

The Esperanto words for grass and lawn are herbo and razeno.

Should you mow your lawn on wet grass?

no you should not mow you lawn on wet grass

What are the indgredients in lawn grass?

grass seed

What rhymes with saw grass?

lawn grass

What do you call a pile of grass?

If it's a pile of grass left on the lawn after you mow it, cal it a clump of grass.

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