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This is more of a political/social issue than one of science. Though no one can speak for the general public to say why these individuals are not familiar with Tesla, one obvious reason for this phenomenon is that public schools teach about Franklin and Edison, but they make no mention of Tesla.

The reason may be Tesla's bad business sense. Tesla got little money or recognition for his many patents, and this may have also contributed to Edison's domination of the market in spite of his inferior technology. As in many historical cases, fame has come from commercial promotion of an individual.

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Why was Benjamin Franklin a scientist?

Yes and an inventor. He proved that electricity was natural in the environment. Invented the lighting rod, Franklin stove, and bifocals.

This famous American the inventor of the rocking chair and attended the constitution?

Franklin he also invented the Franklin stove, bifocals, the lighting rod

What were some of Benjamin Franklin's contributions as a scientist and inventor?

He invented bifocals, the Franklin stove, lighting rod, proved that lighting was natural. He was an interesting character and a genius.

Who is the inventor of electric lighting?

invented by Humphry DavyThe inventor of the incandescent light bulb and the system for generating, distributing and controlling electricity was Thomas Edison.

Who developed into a prolific inventor and rivaled Thomas Edison in the field of electric lighting?

Vincent Groby Apple

Which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes?

Thomas Edison was the inventor who wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes.

What inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes?

Thomas Edison was the inventor who wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes.

Inventor Thomas Edison improve the major infrastructure of New York city in 1881 when He installed the worlds first what?

Electric street lighting system.

Who invented the lighting rod?

Benjamin Franklin invented the lighting rod.

Who invented the globe lighting?

The man who was responsible for globe lighting was the inventor Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was an American inventor and business man who lived from 1847 to 1931.

What did Benjamin Franklin have to do with lighting?


What year did they start using electric lighting in theatres?

They started using electric lighting in theaters in 1869

What has the author Randall Whitehead written?

Randall Whitehead has written: 'Commercial Lighting' 'Residential Lighting Creating Dynamic Living Spaces' 'The Art of Lighting' 'Residential Lighting' -- subject(s): Lighting, Dwellings, Electric light fixtures, Electric lighting, Architectural and decorative Lighting

What discoveries did Benjamin Franklin make?

Benjamin Franklin discovered that lighting is electricity

Who invented the lighting conductor?

Benjamin Franklin

Who discovered lighting was elecricity?

benjamín franklin

Franklin inventions inclued a lighting?

Inventions of Benjamin Franklin included a lightening rod.

A flow of electric current?


Who made the lighting rod?

Benjamin Franklin duhhh!!

What inventions did Ben Franklin create?

lighting bolt

When did Benjamin Franklin invent the lighting rod?

in 1774

Did Benjamin Franklin invent the lighting rod?


When did binjamin Franklin invent the lighting rod?


Did Ben Franklin invent the lighting rod?


Who invented the bifocals and the lighting rod?

Ben Franklin