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There are many reasons that the cars heating system may alternate between blowing hot and cold air. Some common causes of this include the heater core and air pockets in the coolant.

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Q: Why is the heat in my car alternate between hot and cold?
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Why your car heat turned cold?


Car heater blows cold air when not driving?

A car heater taps off engine heat. If you aren't driving, then the engine is cold and there's no heat for the car heater to use.

Your car does not heat when cold in the morning but heat in the afternoon?

Because it's warmer in the afternoon...

Why do car windows fog up?

well it could be because of the heat. if its cold out and you have the heat on in the car, then you will get hot and that will cause the window to fog.

When you turn heat on in car it goes between hot and cold air is it the thermostat?

it maybe your heater core is going out recommend replacing it and go from there

Why wont my car start in the cold but it will in the heat?

try checking your battery usually it is the lack of cold cranking amps

Can a bad thermostat cause the heat to blow cold air?

Yes, and it can also make your car to over heat

My Car heater doesn't blow heat immediately when car is started?

You can not get heat from cold water, The engine has to run long enough to get the water in the engine HOT. That is were you get heat from HOT WATER-- Coolent

Why is my car heater cold?

You either just need to wait for it to heat up when the car turns on, or it's broken.

What form of heat transfer is occurring Feeling cold when you get into a car with leather seats in the winter?


Why do car windows get foggy in cold weather when you are not in it?

because the seats and carpet and such store and release heat.

Does color of car affect heat inside the car?

Everyone says it does but I was A sales rep at a new car dealership for A couple years and I could never tell that the black one was hotter that the white, In the summer they were all hot as fire,, In winter they were cold, cold, cold.

Why can it get very warm in car that sits in the sun on a cold day?

The reason why it still gets hot in a car on a cold day when the sun is out is because the cold air cannot get inside the car to keep it cool. But the sun is able to shine right through the window and heat it up.

Why does heater blow cold air when car is idling?

The heating system doesn't get heat until the car warms up and the thermostat opens.

Why does a car take so long to heat up?

A car takes a while to heat up if the engine is running slower. Cold weather and cars just do not mix. The car will warm up faster if the driver can sit in the car and press on the throttle a little.

Vehicle blows out cold air even when heat is on hear a constant clicking noise when one switches the heat setting to hot or even warm but it doesn't click when i turn it to cold what to do?

Sell the car! Mang

The difference between H and C in car?

h is hot and c is cold

Why does frost form on the inside of your cars window?

Most of the time when it is cold outside the car and warm inside the car that will happen. It's an affect when the heat and cold come into contact with one another. Test this when your inside your car. Breathe on the glass and it will frost up. ----

What would cause the heat in a car to turn cold when the car is idling?

Could be low on coolant, a stuck open thermostat or a partially blocked heater core.

Why wont my Subaru idle when it is cold?

When any car idles, it lowers the ignition energy (but not completely) to keep the car running. When it is cold outside, your Subaru's ignition energy is lost through heat because electricity also is measured through heat. When there is less ignition energy when it is already running on a lower ignition level, the car (your Subaru) is not likely to idle.

What cause temp gauge to flucuate from cold to hot and back to cold. also car has no heat?

Low coolant due to a leak is a very likely cause.

What different types of alarms do Clifford Car Alarms sell?

Clifford Car Alarms sell a variety of car alarms. From car alarms with remote control to car alarms that can withstand heat and cold with good security included.

USSR during cold car?

uhhhhh... cold car?

What should you do if the temperature in my car is running cold?

If you have the car window(s) open or the car air conditioners on, turn them off when you get cold. If none of the things listed above are turned on in the first place, turn the heat on. If you don't have any car heaters, perhaps you can buy a coat somewhere. turn the heater on...

Can home speakers be used as car speakers?

Yes, but car speakers are made more durable for the harsh environment they are likely to encounter like the cold, heat and rain.