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Why is the military described as a way of life?

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2011-09-13 15:41:02

The U.S.military is described "a way of life" because there is

really no other way to describe it unless you join for yourself and

expierience it. I joined the U. S. Marine Corps right out of high

school in 1990. Boot camp on "legendary" Parris Island, SC was

difficult, but far from impossable. Tword the end of boot camp I

had made some of the best freinds I had ever had. Looking back, it

was a great time. After that I was stationed on Camp LeJeune, NC.

There it was like a regular job. But only a little different. Thus,

the reason it is said to be a way of life. It's the little things

that make regular life in the military different; for instance...

you can't quit. You can't call in sick. You can be charged with a

crime for being late. But this is almost impossable since you live

in the exact place you need to be every day! In all honesty, it is

a great place for a single guy out of high school who just wants to

get lost for awile and see the world. You hang out with cool guys

for a few years, see the entire world, drink beer in damn near

every county in the world, and have a great time doing it. I will

never forget my years with the 10th Marines. If i could turn back

time I would do it all over again. And after all that fun I got out

and received a Bachelors of Arts from Winthrop University..paid for

by the GI Bill. What a way of life!

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