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Dear. Mr. Al Sharpton and Mr. Benjamin Grump Attorney at Law

Good afternoon, sir. My name is William Marshall a re-entry navigator life coach/mentor

at the Corner Stone House for return citizen, we are still working on Mr. Julius Bailey release from the house of correction in Jessup Maryland for 40 years. We have a breakthrough reentry round table and expectancy community outreach program is to facilitate the successful offenders back into their communities through the Re-Entry program for return citizen. Aisha Braveboy is the States Attorney for return citizens from jail. Mrs. Brown holds a position of responsible to make sure he complies with regular drug testing, regular case management meetings, curfew calls, substance use treatment and court appearances. After reading the program guidelines and instructions given by the Re-Entry Court Judge and the Re-Entry Court Team are run by Judge Lawrence Hill. Ms. Cindy G. Najhram Esq. Supervisor Attorney for the Specialty Courts Office of the Public Defender we have deliver letters of support for Mr. Julius Bailey to get him into the Re-Entry Program and has been unsuccessful because the Public Defenders keep passing the buck and nothing gets don. We are reaching out to you for help or accent in getting him out

into the Re-Entry program for a successful transition back into society.

Julius Bailey was incarcerated at the age of 18 years old for killing someone with he did not do.

Id. 254972/17450

534 House of Correction Road Jessup, MD 20794

William Marshall Re-Entry Navigator, Life Coach/Mentor


Phone. 301-238-5121

Lena Brown The Denney House

House Program Manager


Men in the Gap

Minister Lawrence Barbour


Phone. 202-213-8411

We are Praying to God for the right answer over this Letter.

Your Truly!

Bro. Marshall


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William Marshall

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โˆ™ 2022-08-12 05:07:07
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Q: Why is the outer aspect of the forearm darker compared to the medial aspect?
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What is The Medial little Finger Side Forearm Bone?

The the medial side forearm bone is the ulna.

What are the medial and lateral bones of the forearm?

radius (lateral) Ulna (medial)

Is the wrist medial to the forearm?

The wrist is distal to the forearm. The wrist is neither medical nor lateral to the forearm.

Is the ulna medial?

The ulna is not a midline structure. It is, however, the most medial bone of the forearm.

Where is the funny bone located in your body?

Medial forearm

Is the radius on the medial or lateral side of the forearm?

It lies lateral

What is the most superior medial aspect of the scapula called?

The acromion process is the most superior medial aspect of the scapula. It articulates with the clavicle.

What is the medial bone of the forearm in anatomical position?

In anatomical position the palms are facing up, making the ulna the medial bone of the forearm. The ulna is on the pinky side, and radius is on the thumb side.

What is the long inner bone of the forearm?

Inner? Do you mean medial? It is ulna.

Why tibia is homologous with radius of forearm?

Ulna is medial to radius in the forearm and tibia is medial to fibula in the shank. However it is tibia which is homologous to radius (not fibula), because the form of those two bones are the same.

What are the major deep veins of the forearm on the medial and lateral side?

radial and ulnar

What is the chief medial rotator of the forearm?

Supination consists of rotating the forearm so that the palm faces anteriorly and the thumb is positioned laterally

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