Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton (born October 3, 1954) is a well-known American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, television and radio talk show host. He is a polarizing figure, lauded by some for his outspokenness and criticized by others for deteriorating race relations.

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How can you contact Al Sharpton Rev Jesse Jackson and John Wiley Price directly?

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Jesse Jackson can be contacted at , he is the founder, and try the email address: Al Sharpton can be contacted in Brooklyn, NY at his National Action Network. hello my is bernadette evans your my last hope before i head back to nyc i have daughter here in onslow county in n.c. she a united states marine who just came back from overseas a year ago she has to kids so the kids father came backto her house with her shes been taking care of everything by herself so now she no longer wants him in her house only her name is on the deed but the authoritys here say that she cannot evicit him out of her house but weres her right this is her house i need help i dont know what else to do you can reach me at 3479620822 plz someone help me help my child
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How can you contact the Reverend Al Sharpton?

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Al has an organization called the National Action Network. The web address is posted in the Related Link below
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How many brothers and sisters AL Sharpton have?

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How many brother and sisters AL Sharpton has?
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I would like the Rev.Al Sharpton's website address?

User Avatar This is the name of an organization that Sharpton himself founded. Another good Al Sharpton website is
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Why do some people believe that Al Sharpton does not like people of certain races?

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Where is holier than thou reverend al sharpton, symbol of racial justice, and warrior for all that is equal in these bottom 2 situations? As Sarah Kreager, 26, tried to sit down on a Baltimore City bus Tuesday, police say, a middle-schooler told her she couldn't. When she attempted to take another seat, a middle-schooler wouldn't let her. Finally, according to police, Kreager just sat down. She was "immediately attacked" by nine students - three females and six males - from Robert Poole Middle School. They punched and kicked her at 2:59 p.m. at the intersection of 33rd Street and Chestnut Avenue, according to Maryland Transit Administration police. Kreager was dragged off the bus and her boyfriend, Troy Ennis, attempted to get her back on, police said... --------------------------------------- There has apparently been another bus beating on an MTA bus in Baltimore. WBAL-TV reports that two men aboard the #64 bus in Brooklyn claim they were attacked by a group of 7 black teens. The two men say they were attacked because they were white. They also claim the bus driver refused to call police for them. The two men suffered cuts and bruises. The MTA says it is investigating the claim. This comes less than a week after a white woman was beaten on a bus. 9 black middle school students have been arrested in that case.
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How tall is Al Sharpton?

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Al Sharpton's height is not confirmed, but according to Yahoo Answers he is about 5'5.
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What are Al Sharpton's achievements?

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Some of Al Sharpton achievements are civil rights activists, radio talk show host, and an American Baptist minister.
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Is Al Sharpton a freemason?

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Yes, Brother Sharpton is a Freemason. He is a member of a Prince Hall Lodge in New York.
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Is Al Sharpton divisive?

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Al Sharpton is not only divisive, but many of his intentions are clearly stemmed from a deep distrust and even hate of anything anyone not black (this can also be described as racist). His tolerance for a black criminal like Michael Vick (found guilty) and his CONDEMNATION for the innocent Duke students show how unfair and racist he is. It's too bad that many blacks still choose to listen to this bitter old man along with his partner in "crime" Jesse Jackson. They should really listen to Bill Cosby. What he says has more depth and more "realness". We all know how black folks say they "keep it real". Really? Then listen to Bill, he was actually onto something "real".
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What is the New York office address of Reverend Al Sharpton NY?

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Al Sharpton can be contacted in Brooklyn, NY at his National Action Network. National Action Network House of Justice National Headquarters 106 W. 145th Street New York, NY 10039 (212) 690-3070 (877) NAN-HOJ1
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How old is Al Sharpton?

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Alfred "Al" Sharpton Jr. is 63 years old (birthdate: October 3, 1954).
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How can you contact Rev Al Sharpton for his help?

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Answer: To Contact Al Sharpton Al has an organization called the National Action Network. The web address is posted in the Related Link below :
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Now that Al Sharpton runs Sony when will Bill Cosby's Film Career be resurrected?

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Yes. Al Sharpton has great sympathy of anyone accused of a crime in the media that has not been convicted. Rev. Sharpton has always fought for civil rights and will fight for Bill Cosby.
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Where did Al Sharpton go to college?

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University of the streets b.a in talking sh*t
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How many Purple Hearts does Al Sharpton have?

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The Reverend Al Sharpton's Biography doesn't indicate prior military service.
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What is rev Al Sharpton email?

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I am Max Piere. I serve the El Shaddai Haitian U. M. church in Fort Myers Florida. I just Got back from Haiti to help evaluate lives and porperties post through the distaster. I comeback with concerners and sugestions. How can you both help me talk to the people? Please answer. 239 745 8401 pierremaxpas@hotmail .com or May God bless you!
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Is RevAl Sharpton steal married?

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Is Rev. Al Sharpton steal married ?