Jesse Jackson, Sr.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a Baptist minister and proponent of civil rights. He is a political and social activist as well as one of the leading public speakers advocating for the rights of African-Americans.

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How can you contact Al Sharpton Rev Jesse Jackson and John Wiley Price directly?

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Jesse Jackson can be contacted at , he is the founder, and try the email address: Al Sharpton can be contacted in Brooklyn, NY at his National Action Network. hello my is bernadette evans your my last hope before i head back to nyc i have daughter here in onslow county in n.c. she a united states marine who just came back from overseas a year ago she has to kids so the kids father came backto her house with her shes been taking care of everything by herself so now she no longer wants him in her house only her name is on the deed but the authoritys here say that she cannot evicit him out of her house but weres her right this is her house i need help i dont know what else to do you can reach me at 3479620822 plz someone help me help my child
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How tall is Jesse Jackson Sr?

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5'11" he was several years ago 6'2"
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Could Barack Obama ask Al Gore to be his running mate?

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Yes. Even though the Constitution only allows anyone to be elected to the office of President twice, no such limitation exists on the office of Vice-President.
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What meant by Group of stars near ecliptic?

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The ecliptic is the path the sun seems to follow through our sky. Some stars are grouped near the ecliptic, such as the constellations that make up the zodiac.
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What high school did Harold Devin Lima from lfo attend?

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he did not graduate from tiverton high school, he graduated from New Bedford High School, in New Bedford, Massachussetts. I personally know him, since junior high.
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What high school did Jesse Jackson attend?

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He attended Sterling High School in Greenville, South Carolina. It was a segregated school.
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What obstacles did Jesse Jackson overcome?

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Racial Discrimination, Segregation, kids Teased Him As a Child, Because of Segregation Blacks Had Fewer Opportunities Blacks were not allowed to do many things, such as going out to certain restaurants, use public drinking fountains and bathrooms. Jesse and other blacks would joke about it. Jesse would say that the reason the black and white football teams would not play against each other was because the whites were scared the blacks would beat them since the blacks were better.
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Is Jesse Jackson a Freemason?

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Reverend Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr. is a Freemason. He is a member of Harmony Lodge #88 in Chicago, Illinois.
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What is Paul Jackson Jr's first recording?

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In 1976 Tempo Tone records recorded Paul Jackson Jr and family with his Mother as lead singer with 2 recordings . Gettin High on Love & LIFE google Tempo-Tone Records
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What is coalition?

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an alliance, especially a tempoary one, of people, factions, parties, or nations. an alliance, especially a tempoary one, of people, factions, parties, or nations. coalition is a way of life, people need to accept the fact that cheese does in fact come in many different flavours and colours, that is why the white house is not green. vegtables come from my garden in my yellow dog named, dean smells gross. Christmas is soon!!
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Does Jesse Jackson have any brothers and sisters?

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yes he dose he has a half brother called norh Robinson junior :)
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What schools did Jesse Jackson go to?

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I know some but not all. Sterling High School University of Illinois North Carolina A&T Chicago Theological Seminary
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Did Jesse Jackson win special award?

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