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Many people get this and it can be as simple as the way you sleep or can be the start of Arthritis. You should have it checked out by a doctor. If it's your neck then go to a medical pharmacist and get a "spong roll." This is inserted along the inside edge of your pillow (between the pillow and the pillow case.) It works! I use one myself.

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Q: Why is the tissue above your collar bone soft and painful?
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What is the most painful bone to break?

The collar bone

What is the medical term meaning above the collarbone?

Supraclavicular is the term for "above the collar bone."Supraclavicular is the term for "above the collar bone" or clavicle.Supraclavicular means pertaining to above the collarbone.

What is a supraclavicular incision?

Supra means abonve and clavicle is collar bone. Supraclavicle incision is an incision above the collar bone.

What bone is broken most?

it is either the collar bone or the forearm (just above the wrist)

Where did Renesmee bite Bella?

Above her left collar bone

What causes swollen gland above collar bone?

Swollen glands above the collar bone can occur for many reasons. One of the main reasons is illness, such as a virus, or a bacterial infection of the throat.

Is the sternum also known as the collar bone?

No, the collar bones are above the sternum, which is also known as the breast bone located in the center of the thorax and connected to the rib cage.

Should one be concerned with a soft tissue lump in the upper shoulder?

Since you didn't specify in what area of the shoulder, I can only speak from my experience with a lump above the collar bone. As with any "new" lump, your best bet would be a have a MD check it out. I had a fair size lump above my left collar bone which turned out to be Hodgkins Lymphoma. So my advice is to see your MD. Good Luck, Kristin Hi - my husband had a lump just above the collar bone which suddenly appeared. It was secondary cancer from a stomach tumour. Get it checked out. All the best.

Why is the collar bone called the collar bone?

The clavicle.

What part of the body is located above the woman's breast?

The clavicle or collar-bone.

Does the scapulae form the collar bone?

No, the collar bone is the clavicle.

What is the anatomical name for collar bone?

The anatomical name for the collar bone is the clavicle bone

What is the hip bone and collar bone called?

The hip bone is called the pelvis and the collar bone is called the clavicle.

Scientific name of collar bone?

Collar bone is called CLAVICLE

Scientific name for your collar bone?

The collar bone is called a clavicle.

What is the function for the collar bone?

it is basicly a collar it holds on to your arm bone

Is there A pressure point to make someone sleep?

yes the is right above the collar bone

What causes left side neck pain above collar bone?

One thing that can cause left side of neck pain above a collar bone could be a stiff neck. If the pain does not go away, one should see a doctor.

Is soft tissue damage painful?

Soft tissue is anything that's not hard tissue, i.e. bone. So soft tissue damage includes bruises, stab wounds, gun shots, burns etc. SO yes, soft tissue damage is painful.

What are the correct names for the thigh bone and the collar bone?

The "thigh" bone = Femur The "collar" bone = Clavical

What is the hip bone and the collar bone called?

Hipbone is also called coxal bone and collar bone is called clavicle.

What Is The Purpose Of The Collar Bone?

the purpose of the collar bone is so your shoulders can be balanced.

Are there bones in your collar bones?

Your collar bone is a bone.!~ It is also known as your clavicle.

Anatomical name of collar bone?

The anatomical name for collar bone is clavicle.

What is another name for a collar bone?

Another name for a collar bone is a Clavicle