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Why is the twenty-sixth amendment so important?


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it standardized the voting age to 18.


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the way the tenth amendment is so important to the the unitedstates,that it stops taxation.

it is important because it is the first

26th is the ordinal number and twentysixth is the oridnal word

The 13th Amendment is important because it outlawed slavery in the United States.

someone needs to answer this

it is important because it makes people protected

The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified, or approved, in 1864 by states loyal to the Union. It was this amendment that truly freed enslaved Americans.

wil,i dont pay taxes so i think itnot important

The Thirteenth Amendment was important to the US Constitution because it ended slavery in the United States, making it illegal to hold or own slaves

The 17th Amendment is important as it gives the people (you and I) the right to select Senators. Without this Amendment the Government could select Senators based off their own needs, which could lead to corruption.

The 13th Amendment is important because it abolishes slavery.

its the right of people so people can speak what they think

The 19th amendment gave American women suffrage, or the right to vote, when it was ratified in 1920. It's important because it was a step toward gender equality.

They are all important.

because it is protected by the first amendment.

The Fourth Amendment is important because of its fairness to people and privacy keeper that is why!!!!!!!!!!!

The 15th Amendment was not important during the US Civil War. The amendment was passed in 1870.

because its before the 26th amendment.

the first amendment is important because it allows people to have freedom and do what they want (to be free)

Why are freedoms in the first amendment important for people in a democracy?

the first amendment is important because it says the peoples rights and how they can be able to express that

because it will not allow troops to live in your houses and eat your meals.

because if there wasnt a nine there wouldn't be a 10th or 11th or ect.

Amendment 22 is very important to the United States. This amendment makes sure that a president does not serve more than 2 terms.

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