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The thermostat could be bad not opening when the temperature reaches the opeing stage and the water is boiling back over to the tank and over flowing....

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Q: Why is the water coming out the overflow hose when the car gets hot?
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What is the hissing from overheating car?

It's steam from boiling coolant (or water) coming out of the overflow hose connected to the top of the radiator just below the level of the cap.

What is the hose that goes from the overflow to the bottom of the rad on a 2002 windstar?

The hose that goes from the overflow to the bottom of the radiator on a 2002 Windstar is the bypass hose. It allows coolant from the overflow to return to the radiator as it cools.

Why your Honda accord ex is spilling water?

Spilling water from where? Then it has a leak or is overheating. Find the location of the leak.Mine needed a hose clamp on the overflow hose at the radiator,

What is the white hose hanging out of your roof?

This is probably an overflow pipe from the cold water tank in the loft.

What does the hose that goes from the toilet valve to the overflow do?

That device is called the refill tube. This allows water to go down the overflow tube to refill the water closet bowl while the tank is filling.

What would cause water poured into the radiator to pour from the intake hose?

too much water added the overflow is designed to let out water.onece the radiator reaches the required pressure,the excess water is exhausted thru the overflow

Where do you connect the thin bottom hose from the coolant reservoir on a 1992 Mercury Capri not the one that connects to the top of the radiator?

Actually, this is an overflow hose. The hose shouldn't connect to anything. When the radiator warms up the fluid level in the reservoir tank may rise. If it gets too high, then the coolant will pour out of this overflow hose. If this is happening too often, you may have a blockage in your radiator.

In a 2003 Bonneville which of the hoses to the water pump is the heater inlet hose?

On a 2003 Bonneville, the hose to the water pump that is the heater inlet hose is the top hose coming from the radiator. This is also the hose that holds the thermostat.

Water coming out of my bum what does this mean?

Turn the hose off

Why is there water coming out under the dash?

the reason for water coming out from under the dash is that a hose could have broke or you have a problem with your heater. your heater works off of the water in the radaitor and since it gets hot from the motor well it serculates threw the heater and that's who your heater works

Why would a radiator lose water?

water pump (has a pin hole overflow if goes bad) , water hose connection, overheating, damage to the radiator causing a crack?

Why is water coming into the car when you run the AC?

the drain hose is plugged

How flush radiator 97 mustang?

Open the radiator drain and let drain into a catch basin. Run water through the radiator by filling through the radiator cap with a hose till the water coming out is clear. Fill through the overflow bottle if there is not a radiator cap present.

How do you get the fuel out of the tank of a 1993 GMC?

unhook the overflow hose from the fuel filler hose and put a syphon hose through it to the tank. I used a 3/8 hose.

What happens if you partially block the steam of water coming out of a hose?

Pressure builds within the hose and water shoots out farther and with higher pressure... Think showerhead....

Is there supposto be an extra line coming out of the coolant reservoir on a 1995 Chrysler concord that goes no were?

That is the overflow hose. It comes out at the level of the cap to allow for any extra coolant to escape.

Why would a brand new radiator be leaking lots of cooolant and smoke coming from under the hood?

I would start with checking all the hose clamps and hoses to make sure they are properly tightened and not damaged. Also check that the thermostat housing is not leaking along with the water pump. Especially if any of these were replaced when the radiator was replaced. Also check to see if drain cock is closed. Also make sure the overflow hose is correctly routed to the overflow tank. You might just have to run the engine and open the hood and see where the leak is coming from. Good luck.

How do you tell if Chevy impala water pump is leaking?

If there is coolant coming from it and it isn't a hose.

When your danby air conditioner tray gets full it leaks on the floor instead of pumping it to the external tank?

We probably don't have the same model, but I would get overflow problems until I cut the hose (where water was supposed to go out of) and made it expel it's water in a huge bucket on the floor. Gravity does what its' supposed to.

Where does the Hose from radiator to water pump on 1995 Chevrolet Silverado go from and to?

you should find it attached to the radiator & the water pump. if it is missing, that's where you should put the new one. radiator at the front of the vehicle, engine behind it, water pump on front of engine, with hose, or short metal tube coming out of the bottom of it. the radiator will also have a hose or short metal tube coming out of the bottom of it also,(the radiator should also have another hose coming from it at the top)

Does hose water freeze?

it gets cold and the molecules fit together like a puzzle.

When my car gets hot there is white smoke coming from radiator?

That smoke is steam. You have a leak in the radiator or a hose. Take it to a mechanic.

Where is a thermostat in a 1997 Pontiac transport?

Follow the main radiator hose located by the overflow tank. It should be where this hose attaches to the engine.

How do you level a house with a water level?

Take a 3/4" clear plastic hose about 30ft long + or - hold the two ends together fill with water 3ft from top or overflow. Hold one end of the hose water level at the desired height of the structure The opposite end of the hose will be level to the exact same at the other end 6 ,10 ,15 or 20ft away for example. The hose Dock

Is there supposed to be a hose running from the radiator to the overflow tank of a 1989 Nissan Stanza?

of course there has to be a hose from some part of the cooling system to the over flow tank otherwise whats the point of having a overflow tank (looks lol)