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Either your drums or rotors are out of round.

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Q: Why is there a vibration in the steering wheel when I brake at high speeds?
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What can cause vibration in steering and car when turn steering wheel at stop or slow speeds mainly to the left?

Warped rotor,Tie rods, Wheel bearings (hub).

What causes steering wheel vibration on braking?

Front brake rotors are out of round. They need to be resurfaced or replaced.

What could cause steering wheel vibration when applying breaks while driving on a highway at 50 mph in a 2001 Galant?

Steering wheel vibration when applying brakes is usually caused by warped disc brake rotors

Why does steering wheel vibrate when brakes are applied?

This is probably due to worn brake rotors on the brakes, if there is no vibration when driving then this will be the cause.

Why does the steering wheel on 2004 Toyota Camary wobble at low speeds and also can feel vibration in the car at high speeds?

Could be out of balance Tire may be worn and need replacement Could be a bent wheel

Steering wheel starts shaking sometimes on Nissan sentra?

you steering wheel starts shaking because you probably have warped roders your shaking will get worse at higher speeds and when pressing the brake

What causes steering wheel vibration in a rear wheel drive car at 50 mph and above?

Out of alignment.......warped brake rotor......broken belt in a tire.....

Why do my brake pedal and steering wheel shake while braking at higher speeds?

Probably warped brake rotors. They can be removed and resurfaced or replaced with new ones.

What is wrong when 1997 pathfinder has the shakes when you drive it?

Need some more details. Vibration all the time? Only certain speeds, only when you accelerate, vibration in the steering wheel, in the whole vehicle?

When you put a car in drive or reverse and let off the brake and turn the wheel it vibrates in the steering wheel but it doesn't vibrate when you drive what is that?

Check your power steering fliud, if it is low this could cause the vibration you are feeling.

Vibration on 1988 Honda accord when in drive?

if the vibration is on acell it could be a bad inner cv joint. if it is a freeway speeds it could be a wheel out of balance. if it there when your braking it could be a warp brake rotor.

Vibration in steering wheel and tires when stopping?

bad rotors

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