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Q: Why is there air coming into the car when you switch it on?
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Where is the air ride leveling switch on 95 Lincoln town car?

Where is air ride leveling switch on 1996 Lincoln town car

How is a vacuum switch installed for car air conditioners?

Under it.

Why is my car air running and its not on?

Defective switch may be the cause.

Why are your 02 plate corsa windows very steamy?

Had similar problem on N reg Corsa 1.7D, until I changed the setting on the air circulation coming into the car via slide switch on dashnoard. Not sure whether yours is rotary or slide, but either way, set it on "fresh air" coming in from outside, NOT on recirculating air in car..You would be surprised!

What if your 2000 Hyundai accent has freon in it and blows out air just fine but it is not cold air what is wrong with your air conditioner?

There is a relay switch on the fire wall that the compressor is pluged into. change it out and it should work. And make sure that the blue light comes on inside the car when you turn the air on because if it is not coming on then it is the switch and they are very easy to change.

Why is your air conditioner only coming out of the defrost in the car?

It have battery

How do you replace an air conditioning compressor switch?

What kind of car and which switch. There are several that can effect compressor operation.

Ford Mondeo air conditioning warm air?

yeah it because theirs not a lot of air coming in to the car

Why is fog coming from car vent?

The air conditioner is low on refrigerant.

How do you stop the flashers from coming on when the car is off?

Locate the flasher control switch and turn it off.

When you turn on the air filter on in the car theres lots of air noise but hardley any coming into the car what could be the cause Renault 1.6 sport?

It could be getting alot of air to it but nothing coming in because it could be clogged

Can you remove mass air flow sensor from your car?

Of course you can. Your car will just have no power and will use a ton of gas. What the mass air flow does is it measures the amount of air coming into the intake of the engine and it then tells the computer how much fuel to mix in with the air coming in.

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