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water is turned off ??

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Usually not. If toilet has a mixing valve going to it so warm water fills toilet tank and toilet runs constantly, then enough warm water could leak out through toilet to possibly have an effect on water heater.

Depends on how bad it is leaking

An outlet and also a toilet that water is running or falling

Replace the flapper in the tank. Water is running into the bowl.

Rinse it very well under running water.

Somebody running cold water or flushing toilet in the house..

If it is just the toilet that doesn't have water, then the pipes are probably not frozen. If it is the whole house than maybe yes. If you have water at other faucets, look at the toilet and see where the blockage is. Disconnect the supply line under the tank and see if water is coming through the shut off at the toilet if there is one.

It's possible for the running water to wash it, but so would a kitchen faucet

Flushing a toilet uses the water contained in the toilet tank.

Toilet water is extremely dirty.

the flapper in tank is not sealing after flush.change flapper.

Who has Tobacco in their toilet water?

You will not get HIV if toilet water splashes on you.

Well if you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time, you either installed the toilet in the shower or you are extremely flexible. This question is a can of worms because if the toilet and the shower are in the same bathroom and while the shower is running and someone flushes the toilet and the toilet overflows but the shower drain does not back up then its something in the line of the toilet before it ties into the shower , another way would be is with out proper venting of the toilet like lets say the shower drain when running is clogging the vent for the toilet then it possible for the toilet to overflow and have the shower drain fine. I personally never seen a toilet overflow when flushing it when a shower is running on the same floor and yet when the shower is off the toilet flushes normal.

Sounds like the flap that allows water to enter the bowl from the tank, isn't sealing. If this is true, the water will be constantly running.

you should try to look in the back of the toilet and search for any clogs in there while you flush it. if that isn't the problem then i don't know what it is

A water cistern is the part of a toilet that holds water which is then used to flush the toilet.

Yes, it will use about a pint less water with each flush, but you have to be sure the brick does not obstruct the flushing mechanism or you may be running water constantly - wasting a lot more than you are saving.

A composting toilet uses no water at all.

YES and many times with out even having to shut the water (If it is not running) Sylvan Tieger,LMP

Either the flapper in the tank is bad or possibly the chain is too long and getting caught under it.

A comfy place to sit and read the newspapers. An out-house with running water.

tap water and toilet water looks the same and smells the same my not.

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