Why is there violence in Libya?

There is violence in Libya because the dictator of the country, Muammar Gaddafi, is in threat of losing his power. People are fed up with him and want him to step down. Gaddafi, the violent leader that he is, has directed his followers to commit violent acts on the protesters against him. It is not confirmed that Gaddafi has told his followers to do this, but from his past it would not be surprising in the least. Because of Gaddafi's denial of having anyone oppose him, the only way to get him out of power is for people to use brute force. This is causing a lot of unnecessary violence in Libya at the moment. Also, if you weren't aware, Gaddafi has been in power since 1969, and has committed terrorist attacks countless times. Luckily he never had enough allies to actually commit a terrorist attack similar to 911.