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Most likely the intake manifold gasket is leaking.

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Q: Why is truck leaking water at valve cover?
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Engine leaking water what looks like the left valve cover how can that be?

there are cooling channels in the head. you might have a cracked head

How do you tell if your valve stem is leaking?

Put water in it and if it leaks ..... its leaking. A DUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!

Your truck is leaking out of the gas pump and im trying to figure out where it is leaking at?

My truck is leaking from the water pump and i dont know where it is leaking from all i need is a diagrame to show me many different ways it can be leaking at so i can look at all the place..

Your 92 grand am is leaking water badly from a bolt located on the back side of the timing belt cover- why is water leaking from there?

its having its period

Do you need to replace a gas water heater if the overflow valve is leaking?

woot woot

Why are you leaking water out of this valve on the radiator hose on your 2001 bmw528i?

sounds like pressure relief valve if replacing the valve doesn't stop the leaking you may have to much pressure in your cooling system mainly a Head Gasket leak.

Gas whater heater is leaking water at the top?

This could be numerous factors, however, the most likely of factors would be either the TP valve leaking or the hot water heater irtself is leaking (burst).

How do you rectify leaking warm water from the overflow tube on your hot water tank?

Replace the pressure relief valve.

My 91' Lexus LS400 has a antifreeze leak that seems to be leaking from the cover located behind the crank pulley This cover has a small square hole in the bottom of it that was made that way?

your water pump is leaking and traveling down to the cover. Water pump needs replacement.

Is their a market for a valve that would automatically turn off a leaking water tank like a water heater?

It is already available.

Where are one-way valves used?

One way valves are used on any tires. It lets you air up the tire and the valve keeps it from leaking air back out. If you want to check if your vale is leaking, just pour a little water on to the valve. You will see bubbles comming form the valve if it is leaking. If no bubbles, there is no leak.

Why is coolant leaking above the water pump on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Head gasket, timing cover gasket, or hose leaking.

What is the name of the part that houses drive pulley on 98 Dakota its leaking water?

Timing cover

Are valve cover gasket and head gasket the same?

NO. The valve cover gasket seals the valve cover from leaks. The valve cover covers the valve train and it's components and it bolted to the top of the head. These components sit atop the head. The head is bolted directly to the engine block with another gasket. Water and oil flow through the head.

Water comes from the spout and shower head at the same time?

Most likely the seal on the transfer valve is leaking.

Have engine coolant coming through small hole in timing cover on 302 v8 how is coolant getting into timing cover?

I would suspect a leaking water pump, if I remember correctly it is mounted right in front of the timing cover and if it is leaking from the back the water will find it's way out somehow.

Will homeowners insurance cover the additional cost of the water be covered from a leak?

What? The question does not make sense but nearly all policies cover damage from leaking pipes, unless the pipe was exposed and you knew it was leaking and ignored it.

Main water supply line to water heater leaking The main line comes out of the ground and is leaking around the sleeve and the coupling before the shutoff valve for water heater How do you fix this?

you could buy a new one ? or call a mechanic ?

Why is your headlight cover fogging up since changing bulb?

Humidity is leaking in (or water). The seal is not tight.

Will a heater coil lose water and make truck run hot?

yes it can. If your heater core is leaking it will leak on the passenger side floor in the cab of the truck or car.

What could cause the water tank on a well system to squeak every 2 or 3 minutes?

foot valve leaking,

Why is water leaking on the downstairs ceiling when the H or C faucets on the upstairs tub are turned on if it is not leaking through the drain or tub?

If the tub has a shower as well, the pipe from the faucet to the shower head could be leaking. You might also check the tube that comes OUT and fills the tub. It could be leaking back at the valve when you turn on the water.

Your 85 Chevy truck is leaking water from a hole in the transmission?

Need more info. Would like to know where this hole is.

What if the valve stem on a tire must exert a certain force on the air within to prevent any of that air from leaking out?

The valve in a tire valve stem is a Schrader valve, it is a one way valve that is spring loaded shut. If air is leaking out, it is usually dirty and the dirty is holding it open preventing it from sealing/ or never reinstalled properly during last service. There is a tool to remove the valve, for quick deflating/servicing. Use soapy water or cleaner like windex/fantastic to check if it's leaking. If it is it will foam/bubble up.

If there is water in the valve cover but not in the oil pan on 95 Ford Mustang?

fule pump