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Why is violence wrong?



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For one, it is harmful. All actions create reactions; there are better ways to deal with anger and disappointment then lashing out at someone. Some people don't know their own strength, or don't have the ability to stop once they get going, so the injury that can ensue has the potential to be debilitating. Why should a few minutes of an avoidable violent action be cause for life-long suffering? There are many options available to a person besides violence. This is not to say that one shouldn't be able to defend one's self in what might turn out, at times, to be a violent situation, but in such instances one may not have much of a choice. Another thing to consider is that you could get into serious trouble if you do anything violent. How? Well, you could go to jail, and/or face other serious repercussions; killing someone just because they said something or did something isn't the answer. I mean, once you have hurt him or her, then you have hurt yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!