Why is water leaking into the frame well of your 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

if the frame well you are talking about is the one i belive it is it is a normal function of the convertible top drainage system on the car. as long as there is no water in the floorboards or in the trunk and you dont hear any sloshing when you drive it is functioning properly. in your top basin/holder for the convertible top when it is down is a large pan which has 2 drains to allow water to drain into the frame on each side of the vehicle. also the backside of the top and any other hard to seal areas drain into this area to prevent your interior from getting flooded. if you hear a sloshing noise when you turn you need to unglog these. these normally clog up in high humidity conditions or when traveling from a desert/low humidity to a high humidity environment, and have to be cleaned out with a stiff straight piece of wire (ie clotheshanger). there are several points on the underbody that you have to unclog along the strip of metal where the visible body and the underbody come together. they are identifyable by running your hand along the backside of this strip and feeling for a little outward molded piece on the strip. there are 3-4 of these. insert your stiff wire into each hole until they drain the water. check these often after rainstorms to be sure they are draining, you dont want a rusted out piece of metal on your car and if they are holding water it will rust out eventually or even worse, flood your entire floorboard.