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Why is your boyfriend always day dreaming?

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See guys are not always as deep as we may think so when you think he is daydreaming he could in fact just be lookin around for a long period of time completely blank headed and not in any deep thought process.

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What does it mean when your dreaming about your ex-boyfriend?

whats ment to be, will always be.

What is the meaning of dreaming of a dead boyfriend?

you're just dreaming

Does a guy in your class like you he is always staring at you?

no not always he may be day dreaming or you have something in your hair or teeth

What is the difference between dreaming and day dreaming?

Dreaming is a subconscious state of mind while day dreaming is a conscious state of mind.

Dreaming about being pregnant by your boyfriend?

its normal

Dreaming about an ex boyfriend?

If you dream about an ex-boyfriend that means you still love him!

What is day dreaming at night called?

It is still called "Day Dreaming"

You keep dreaming of your ex boyfriend?

Unresolved issues.

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about a celeb as your boyfriend?


What does it mean when your awake but still dreaming?

It means you are day dreaming.

Why do you keep dreaming about your friends boyfriend?

The answer is obvious, you want a piece of him.

Dreams about boyfriend lying?

He probably hasn't lied to you, but since your dreaming about it it is probably a fear to have your boyfriend lying to you.

What does it mean when all the dreams you have are about your boyfriend?

This only means that your boyfriend is on your mind and that you dream about him a lot, which is completely normal. It does not mean that your boyfriend is thinking or dreaming about you.

Why you always dream one of your ex boyfriend?

You have unresolved issues with him -- resentments, regrets, remorse, anger -- whatever. Work them out and you can let him go and you'll eventually stop dreaming about him.

Broke up with boyfriend and keep dreaming of him?

it means you still want him

What will happened if you always dream about your x boyfriend?

If you are always dreaming about your X, then you should probably get back together. OR if you are 'scared' that means that you should probably go, and maybe move in with some family or good friends to 'heal.'

What does it means when your boyfriend always say he loves me?

He loves you...It seems clear as day to me.

What causes day dreaming?

Day dreaming tends to be caused by boredom and lack of interest in one's present activity or duty.

What are the release dates for Day Dreaming - 2012?

Day Dreaming - 2012 was released on: USA: 25 September 2012

Why do you keep dreaming about your boyfriend?

Because you are in love with him! And you miss him, or can't wait to be with him again!

What does it mean if your boyfriend keeps dreaming that you have a son?

Dreams are about the dreamer. If your boyfriend keeps dreaming that you have a son, his sleeping mind is using you as a representation of some part of himself. Your boyfriend needs to relate his dreams to his own emotions and feelings, instead of projecting his dreams and their meaning onto you....maybe your pregnant.Or, he could just be dreaming about his own insecurities/fears. Or maybe he wants to have children with you.

What are the types of mental processes?

Thinking Remembering Imagining Reading Dreaming Day-Dreaming

What does it mean when you keep dreaming about your ex boyfriend?

It means your still in love. Take him back.

What does it mean when you have been dreaming constantly about your boyfriend and their family?

it means that they've been thinking about you

What does it mean if you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you with someone he used to like?

Dreaming can be a pure hypothetical thought. It means that you are very conservative about your boyfriend cheating on you.

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