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Could be fuel pump or fuel pump relay.

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Q: Why is your car turning over but no fuel goes to injectors 98 Civic EX to start it?
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1989 Honda civic The starter is turning over but its not getting gas is it the fuel pumb or the injectors?

If the starter is turning over on the 1989 Honda Civic but the engine is not getting gas, the problem is more likely the fuel pump than the injectors. Clogged injectors might cause difficult starts but a damaged fuel pump will cause the vehicle to receive no fuel at all.

Why wont my 1992 Honda civic start after running out of fuel?

Maybe the fuel injectors got clogged.

How do you change the fuel injectors for a 2002 Honda Civic?

To change fuel injectors on a 2002 Honda Civic unclip them from the harness. The fuel rail will need to be removed and the injectors will be able to come off.

When your 93 Oldsmobile is parked in a hot parking lot it will turn over but will not start when it cools down in the evening it will start right up?

Injectors may be leaking causing fuel pump to loose prime - try turning key to the "on" position for about 5 sec. and then try to start Injectors may be leaking causing fuel pump to loose prime - try turning key to the "on" position for about 5 sec. and then try to start Injectors may be leaking causing fuel pump to loose prime - try turning key to the "on" position for about 5 sec. and then try to start

Why does my peugeot 406 engine management system warning light keep turning on when i start the engine?

probley weak fuel pump or injectors.

What does fuel injectors do for your Chevy Cavalier?

the fuel is pumped from the gas tank into the "fuel rail" and the gas stays there until you start turning over the engine to start it. the fuel injectors take the fuel from the "fuel rail" and spray it into the cylinder which then gets ignited by the spark from the spark plug. so if the injector is leaking or not functioning the fuel will just flood into the engine if leaking, or not go into the engine at at all if its not working. the reason they went from carburetors to fuel injection is so less gas is wasted because the injectors only spray a precise amount of fuel.

Why does a 1998 Civic smell like gas when the Fuel Injectors are dry and it dies idling in traffic when cold?

If the fuel injectors are dry then the 1998 Honda Civic may have a gas leak. The car should be inspected, even a pin hole leak can lead to a fatal accident.

Car give a clunk sound and wont start but everthing turns over?

check the fuses to the fuel pump and the fuses to the fuel injectors if you have injectors.

How do you start your 1988 jaguar after it ran out of gas?

To start the Jag, is pretty simple... You have to prime the injectors... on the fuel rail is a treaded nipple, take the cap off and very slowly pour gas into the fuel rail... then the injectors are primed and the car should start... also check your fuel pump it should prime the injectors on its own...

Does a car start if injectors are blocked with oil?

if you have engine oil in your fuel injectors then you have bigger problems then your car not starting..

Does a 2004 dodge neon has a carburetor or fuel injectors?

Fuel injectors.

Mercury carpi your injectors will not fire?

i have a 92 mercury carpi i have fuel i have spark but will not start i do not have power to my injectors not sure where to start on how to get power please help

What will cause a 1990 Celebrity to stall right after start?

I had a 1987 Chevy Celebrity that would start and then immediately die. It turned out to be bad fuel injectors. I replaced three fuel injectors and the problem has not returned.

I have a 92 camaro rs with a 5.0 liter TBI I'm getting fuel and voltage to the throttle body but will not start and there's no fuel spraying out of the fuel injectors?

you may have bad injectors, or not enough fuel pressure

Have a 1991 Toyota 4 runner that will not start have put new fuel pump and new injectors and it still wont start?

Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure the pump is running and the fuse is not blown or the relay is bad. Do you have fire, and do you have fuel pressure to the injectors?

How many fuel injectors are on a ford explorer?

V6 engine - 6 fuel injectors V8 engine - 8 fuel injectors

2001 sonoma has trouble turning over but when it does it fires right up also after turning the key off it was still trying to start can anyone help?

I had the same problem and it turned into a huge repair bill replacing the manifold and fuel injectors.

1997 Chevy 1500 pickup won't start no fuel from injectors?

Probably a bad fuel pump

What is average cost to clean fuel injectors?

The average cost to clean fuel injectors is about $150. Fuel injectors are used to deliver fuel into an internal combustible engine.

Why my Chevy 2500 1989 won't start I have no fuel coming out of the injectors and fuel pump is working?

Possibly clogged fuel filter

Hard or no start 03 dodge diesel?

Probably the fuel pump. Or the injectors.

You changed your fuel filter on your 93 Honda civic lx and now it won't start why?

Fuel system lost prime Try turning the to "on" position only for about 5 sec. and repeat twice that should prime system

Does 1999 Ford Taurus have fuel injectors?

Yes , it has ( 6 ) fuel injectors

How do you fix a fuel problem on a 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage?

In order to answer this you need to be more specific as to what fuel problem you are having. Is it a fuel pressure problem? or a fuel injector problem. I would suggest you go get the fuel pressure checked to begin with. That can usually tell you if the fuel problem is from the fuel tank to the fuel rail or if the problem may lie in the fuel injectors. A weak fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter may be the culprit. If your pump is good and the filter is clean, then one or more injectors may be clogged not allowing the fuel to get to a cylinder. The fuel pumps job is to deliver the fuel to the injectors, the fuel injectors are designed to deliver the fuel to the engine beit through a throttle body or a bank of injectors or single injectors made for each cylinder. Start with a fuel pressure test and see where that leads and then come back and repost.

Does a stock 85 Pontiac fiero gt have a fuel injector?

This engine will have seven injectors. 6 are the running injectors and there is a "Cold Start" injector.