Why is your fish tank losing water?

Updated: 2/22/2024
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If you are losing water in your tank, it is probably because of evaporation. No matter if you have a fish bowl or a fish tank, if it's in direct sunlight, the water's gonna evaporate. Another way you could be losing water is something called "fish intake". Most fish absorb water through their skin, and they replace it with their... bodily fluids. And most of what the fluids are is carbon dioxide and other things that take the place of water. Now there's more air in there and less water. Hope you find this useful!

P.S.-- If you find that the water is lower because of fish intake, add a bit of water IMMEDIATELY!!! The lack of water means lack of oxygen. Your fish could suffocate!

P.P.S-- On that cheerful note, good-bye!

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The fish tank will lose water because the fish inside the tank are using the water.and also you lose the water through evaporation
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If you have already checked all the obvious causes such as leakage, and evaporation, you might have a cat that is drinking the water. If you want to control evaporation you would do that by putting a close-fitting lid or hood on the tank. Air stones, since they produce lots of fine bubbles, tend to increase the rate of evaporation. If you are losing water from evaporation, it is better for the fish to replenish the water with distilled water since other water will tend to increase the mineral content.

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Q: Why is your fish tank losing water?
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The white scale on the inside of the fish tank is from a buildup of minerals that were in the water.

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