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Your cold water comes directly from the main line without hitting resistance. Your hot water travels through your water heater which may decrease the pressure. Is this a new problem or has it always been like this? If it is a new problem you may be getting build-up in the lines near the water heater or even in the water heater.

Hot water also tends to have more deposits in the piping. If you have galvanized piping, you could have a lot of corrosion in the pipes. Hot water heaters do get scaling build up. It might be worth having it checked out, a broken hot water heater can be pretty messy!

The answer may differ according to where you live. In the UK the cold water comes from the main which is kept at a moderately high pressure, for example by a water tower. Any leaks are then "outwards" with less chance of inward contamination. The hot water in a house is generally provided from a tank in the house attic, which auto-refills when water is drawn off, stoppnig when full by a floating arm which cuts off the supply to it. This tank at relatively low height provides lower pressure water to the house boiler.

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Q: Why is your hot water pressure low but your cold water pressure is fine after installing new water hetar?
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Is hot water pressure and cold water pressure equal in pressure?

Pressure is the same whether hot or cold.

Why is your hot water pressure low but your cold water pressure is fine?

Because hot water and cold water have different circuits.

Why does the pressure in the cold-water-fed shower drop when a toilet is flushed in the house?

The supply of water needed by toilet as it refills is greater than what shower supply is, not actually a lack of pressure so much as a lack of water volume. Pipe sizing needs to be properly sized so this "pressure drop" won't occur. Installing a new shower pressure balancing valve should help with this problem if running new cold water lines of proper size isn't possible or practical.

How do you maintain pressure after installing a second shower head in your shower?

The piping has to be the exact same length for each shower head from the tee where the cold and hot water feeds from the top of the diverter faucet.

Is cold water low or high pressure?

If you mean to ask if cold bodies of water are associated with high or low atmospheric pressure, they aren't. Atmospheric pressure can change independently of the temperature of bodies of water.

What side of the water does the pressure tank go hot or cold?

Install on cold water line.

What does it mean if your hot water pressure is less than the cold water pressure?

Bad pipes.

Water pressure increases as?

Water pressure increases as the water gets warmer. If water is cold, it doesn't provide much pressure because the molecules move slowly.

What is water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

It is very cold water. At normal pressure, it is as cold as water can get before it starts to freeze.

Why is hot water pressure low but cold water pressure is good?

More than likely it is restiction in your water heater.

Should icemaker water line be installed on the hot or cold water line?

I am not a plumber, but am in the process of installing a water line myself...and all of the research I have done says the water line should be hooked up to the cold water.

Why did the water rush into the erlenmeyer flask when it was submerged in the cold water?

1. When the flask was placed into the cold water, the colder air molecules in the flask move slower, putting out less pressure. With the decrease in air pressure inside the flask, the now greater pressure outside pushes water into the flask until the pressure inside equals the pressure outside.

Why does warm water rise and cold water sink?

Pressure variations

When flushing toilet all other faucets have no pressure?

Low water pressure or cold water main undersized.

How could you suddenly lose all hot water pressure without losing any cold water pressure with a electric water heater?

The cold side inlet may be plugged with sand or rust.

How do hot and cold faucets work?

water pressure

What is water pressure in the aphotic zone?

It is so cold.

Why is your water pressure going down?

Hot or cold?

How cold does water have to be to freeze in kelvins?

It depends on the pressure. At normal atmospheric pressure, the melting point of water is about 273.15 K.

What is the steps for crushing can in cold water?

You have to fill the can with steam and then seal it closed. when you then put the can in cold water the steam will condense into water and the can will be crushed by atmospheric pressure.

Why would the hot water pressure on the second floor be much less than the cold water?

My guess is that the hot water heater is installed downstream from a pressure reducer to limit the maximum water pressure that the water heater is exposed to.

What would cause a sudden loss of hot water pressure but still have cold water pressure?

perhaps the water heater is clogged with lime deposits.. ? but I have no clue

When installing a washer which side is hot water?

Standard instillation of a washer identifies the valve s as hot on the left, cold water on the right. In any water instillation, the standards are hot on the left and cold on the right.

Why would cold water pressure fade in and out throughout a house?

poor water pressure from your city. Or if you are on a well, the pump might be going bad.

Why the cold water pressure less than hot water pressure?

Depends where you are testing it. Possibly just a plugged aerator, or a broken seal.