Why is your husband always accusing you of cheating on him?

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2006-09-04 07:39:25

There are several reasons. You are cheating on him or have

cheated on him in the past. You have never cheated on him, but

someone he has gone with in the past has, or he's cheating on you.

I was married before and my boyfriend cheated on me and I was so in

denial I didn't want to see it and married him. He cheated more,

and he because emotionally/physically abusive to me. Shortly after

I left him he told me his mother had repeatedly cheated on his

father and he said he never wanted to be hurt the way his father

had been so he thought he'd cheat first. Believe it or not I could

understand his reasoning, but it was too late to work through it.

Needless to say I left him and filed for divorce, but the happy

side is, I met and married a wonderful man. If you can't sit down

and communicate with your husband then seek out professional help

even if he refuses to go. It will strengthen you and help you make

decisions because you simply can't go on in this relationship much

longer. Good luck!

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