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Why is your kitten being very defencive towards everyone in the family all of the sudden?



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A kitten gets defensive because it is hungry or jealous. It also may feel threatened by other pets in the household. Another reason could be mistreatment by someone previously. Helen None of our kittens are defencive towards anyone. If yours is, it sounds like you have a feral kitten and it will be a long journey to allow it to realize that it has been excepted into you community(home). If you mean that it is defending you. You need to let others feed and be around it without advancing towards it. It will soon start to test the area where the others are. You need to tell them not to reach for it. Give it time to come to them. Good luck. Ted The kitten could have possibly been hurt or might be not feeling well. If the kittens attitude is not better within a few days I would take it to the vet.