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Itching that comes from drug-induced liver disease is called pruritus. This can be an ongoing symptom of liver disease that may require special medication.

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Q: Why itching is caused in drug induced LIVER diseases?
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What are liver diseases caused by alcohol?

Cirrhosis is the liver disease that can be caused by alcohol.

Why do you itch with liver disease?

The itching is caused by the excretion of toxins from the body.

What diseases can be caused by alcohol?

Heart disease, Cirrhosis, liver disease

What are the diseases caused by food adulteration?

stomach disorders,liver problems,vision problems,skin diseases

Can liver disease cause allergic reactions in your body?

Liver disease does not cause allergic reactions in your body. You get severe type of itching in liver diseases. This is due to elevated Bilirubin levels. This itching is not relieved by anti allergic drugs. How this happens is probably not known, exactly.

Name two diseases caused by long term alcoholism?

sclerosis of the liver

What has the author B H Ch Stricker written?

B. H. Ch Stricker has written: 'Drug-induced hepatic injury' -- subject(s): Adverse effects, Chemically induced, Diseases, Drug therapy, Drugs, Effect of drugs on, Hepatitis, Hepatotoxicology, Liver, Liver Diseases, Side effects, Toxicology

What has the author Irshad A Ahmad written?

Irshad A. Ahmad has written: 'Prevention of the chronic ethanol-induced fatty liver in the rat by antioxidant G-50.' -- subject(s): Liver, Diseases

How do you get toxic hepatitis?

toxic hepatitis is a drug induced liver injury caused by many conventional drugs of supplementary substances.

What are liver ailments?

liver diseases

What diseases effect the liver?

Cancer,liver disease,cirrhosis, andhepatitis.Are a few of the diseases that effect the liver.

What other diseases may be caused by Crohn's disease?

inflammation of the liver, gallbladder, and/or the channels (ducts) that carry bile between and within the liver, gallbladder, and intestine

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