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Lions are very dangerous animals. They are fast so there is no way to get out of a lion chasing you.

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Q: Why lions are one of the dangerous animals?
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What or who is a lion dangerous to?

Lions are dangerous to humans and other animals. Basicly lions are dangerous to everything, and everyone because they are meat eaters.

Are all lions dangerous?

Almost all lions are dangerous except for the ones born in captivity. You can never fully trust a wild animal. The lion is one of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world.

What kind of animals are lions?

lions are cats that are bigger than house cats and are dangerous also they eat deer!

Are there any dangerous animals in Tunisia?

they are tigers lions bull sharks rinnos

What are some very dangerous animals to humans?

There are many dangerous animals that can harm a human. The most obvious ones are the larger ones such as lions and tigers. However, smaller animals such as stray dogs can also be dangerous.

How many species of animals is there in antarctica?

There are sea lions, penguins, and big dangerous birds

What dangerous animals live in Illinois?

black widows, mountain lions, black bears

What is the dangerous of the lions on the humans and on the forests?

discus for me about the dangerous of lions

IN what circumstances can lions be dangerous to humans?

In any situation that they get too close. Lions are wild animals whether they are domesticated, in a zoo, or out in the wild.

What is the most dangerous animal in the world besides humans?

The most Dangerous animals in the world besides humans are probaly the lions, hippos, and the white tigers. But many other animals are dangerous too.

Most dangerous animals in the amazon rainforest?

Jaguars and mountain lions are known to attack people.

Why are lions the king of animals?

Well, lions aren't really the kings of animals. First of all, not all lions are male :P Second of all, when people first discovered lions, they saw them as powerful, ferocious beasts, and called them kings. But in truth, over time, lions aren't the most powerful animals on earth, or the most dangerous. We are.

Can lions not be dangerous?


What dangerous animals are there in California?

Dangerous animals of california1. Mountain lionThere are numerous attacks from mountain lions.2. BearThe grizzly bear and black bear is known to kill people.

Are lions domestic animals?

No lions are not domestic animals.

Are ligers harmless?

Ligers are big, meat-eating, non-domesticated animals. They're just as dangerous as their parent animals, tigers and lions.

How dangerous are white lions?

white lions are not as agresive as normal lions

What are the most raerest animals now?

white lions are one of the raerest animals

Why should you protect dangerous-animals?

Because without lions, hyenas, tigers and other dangerous animals. The food chain wouldn't be complete and other animals could starve. All animals are here for a reason, without them it would be harder for other animals to survive.

Dangerous animals in the world?

Snakes , lions, cheetahs , scorpions, some ,spiders , millipedes , centipedes , wasps etc.

Do man hunt lions?

Yes, because they're dangerous. People always hunt wild and aggressive animals. :)

Why do people hate lions?

Lions are not dangerous unless you provoke them

Dangerous animals in texas?

Rattlesnakes, scorpions, wild horses,spiders, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, cougars and texans.

Which plants or animals were dangerous in the tertiary period?

saber tooth cats,lions,hyenodon,predator birds,earthquakes,volcanoes

Why dangerous animals should be protected?

Dangerous animals should be protected because it is the circle of life. Without these dangerous animals there would be more a higher population of other species eventually overpopulating the earth. For example, if all lions were killed, gazelles would eventually overpopulate. The same goes for other animals and their prey and predators.