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Why martial law is significant?

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Because it supercedes the laws that would apply in routine or normal asspects or a community's laws.. The Military's law takes precedence over civil laws at least if it is formally and legally produced and presented.

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Significant event in the Philippines in 1972?

One significant event in the Philippines in 1972 was that martial law went into effect that September. The martial law was declared by the then President Marcos.

Why it is possible not to stop martial law?

Martial law is declared by people in authority. Therefore, only those same people can stop martial law.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng martial law?

ang martial law ay martial law hehehehehe

What significant event took place in Poland in 1981?

In 1981 in Poland, the government declared martial law in order to try to crush political opposition. Martial law was maintained from December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983.

How important martial law?

Martial law is law that has strict regulations and requirements with no civil rights.

Can you give an example sentences for martial?

martial law was in act. Martial law sent many to prison.

Pervez Musharraf martial law in Pakistan?

Perwez musharaff martial law was administrator .

When was martial law declared in the Philippines?

Martial Law was declared by Ferdinand Marcos on September 21, 1972.

When will the martial law happen in Canada?

No such thing as martial (marshall) law in Canada, unless we have a civil war

What date first martial law in Pakistan?

first martial law in Pakistan: 7 oct 1958

What is the duration of Martial Law TV series?

The duration of Martial Law - TV series - is 2700.0 seconds.

Which colony was put under martial law in 1774?

Massachusetts was put under the martial law in the 18th century.

What has the author Zillur R Khan written?

Zillur R. Khan has written: 'Martial law to martial law'

Who imposed martial law?

law and legal issues

What are the significant characteristic of arnis martial arts that make it different from other martial atrs?

the Arni's martial arts have a rattan stick. while the other martial arts have no weapon

Can you get a sentence for martial?

Bullies won't pick on students of martial arts for long. When the National Guard moves into a riot-torn area, martial law ensures peace. Will martial law be necessary on the Martian planet?

Will George Bush play the Martial Law card?

Traditionally Martial Law is used when civilian law enforcement can no longer effectively control the situation.

How do you use the word martial in a sentence?

After the disaster, the government enacted martial law.

What are the courts-martial?

Trying Members that did something against the military law

Who declares martial law?


When was the first martial law imposed in Pakistan?

the first martial law was imposed by president iskanar mirz on 7 octuber 1958

When was Martial Law - TV series - created?

Martial Law - TV series - was created on 1998-09-26.

When did Martial Law - TV series - end?

Martial Law - TV series - ended on 2000-05-13.

What are the abuses during martial law?

Many changes took place during the imposition of Martial Law. In general, the Martial Law regime was repressive and anti-democratic. Intensified and legitimized the corrupt and abusive administration of President Marcos.

What has the author Frederic Mackarness written?

Frederic Mackarness has written: 'Lifting the veil in Cape Colony' -- subject(s): Martial law 'Martial law in the Cape Colony during 1901' -- subject(s): History, Martial law