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Actually you would probably benefit more from a Master's in Political Science than Mass Communication. If you can even look back the rigor of the two programs in undergrad school. There was almost no rigor in Communications majors. Political Science dealt more with theory and analysis, accompanied by methodologies that were dependent on quantitative and qualitative data. Communications does have its share of qualitative analysis, but miss more on the quantitative approach than Political Science. Once in the Master's program in political science, you delve more into methodologies and data analysis. Regressional statistics and other forms of statistical analysis will develop the quantitative skills needed for graduate studies of Political Science. The end product of the skills you would obtain from a Master's program in Political Science than one of Mass Communications would be a bigger quantity of skills obtained and much more marketable skills for the job market. It is much easier to major in communications because it requires less from students.

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Q: Why masters in mass communication better than ma. political science?
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