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Why men and women should be equal?


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Women and men are all human. All humans have the same rights . . . human rights: freedom, justice and equality.


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yes, ofcourse they should, because now a days women are equal to men

Yes,women and men in Albania are equal.

Actually, no where on Earth are women exactly equal to men yet. Women are more equal to men in some countries, though.

Men and women are equal. I don't see if there's something wrong with that!

Men and women should have equal rights in everything, not just religion! How could any clear thinking person in the 21st century answer in any other way?

Because he belived that all men and women should be equal.

Men and Women are equal in every way, in most countries. Physically we do not find them equal nor do we find them equal socially.

Women and men are all human. All humans have the same rights . . . human rights: freedom, justice and equality.

Yes men are equal to women for they both need to live for life on earth to continue.

Men and women, Equal humanbeings. Thus should be equal on ALL rights. Woman have rights and we have our intrest. Though we are not of equal weight and height we are of equal Athleticness.. We are just as deturmend and ready to fight for what we love. Sports were not just created for men. They are for the person that has the passion and determanation for this sport. Women should be able to play in the NFL's

Yes, they have equal rights according to the law. But in some cultures around the world, they consider men are superior to women. But according to the law, both men and women have equal rights.

he thought all men should be equal but not women....

every 100 men is equal to 98 women

The incidence is about equal between men and women.

The women can do works that men can do. And the men can do works that women can do. That means that the men and women are need to treat the same, because they are equal.

Yes, of course women should play sports. Women are equal to men in all ways, including sports. I agree with the person above. Yes, women can play sports. Every human being needs fun things once in a while, and women are just as equal to men as animals are equal to humans. Women should increase their involvement in sports. It is their legal right to do so. You can learn more by clicking on the link below.

Many people say that there is equal pay for all men and women in the workplace. This is not always true.

all men and women are created equal...but women are sexy(some)

Women should be able to vote in order to have an equal say in the democracy. They deserve to have just as much say in the voting process as the men.

Most modernized countries believe that there should be equal rights. There are cultures though that believe that the men are more superior.

urbanization I got it right on e2020.=) Hope that I helped!:)

They should be, at least in countries/nations which have equal rights of men and women.

Women and men started to share equal rights once the 19th Amendment was passed, giving women the right to vote.

Yes, there should be feminists for as long as there is inequality between the sexes. Feminism seeks to make women equal to men, also to tackle other forms of oppression that may prevent women from achieving equality - for example racism may make it harder for black women to become equal to that of white men.

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