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That's the wrong question. "Equality" has the idea that men and women are the same and therefore should be treated the same. But this is an untrue premise. Depending on what presupposition you're coming from, most people can now agreed (after surviving the feminist movement) that men and women are actually different. Men and women are of the same inherent worth and value. They are both of the human species and a certain set of right pertains to all humanity - see the 2nd amendment. But there are differences that should not only be observed, but cherished. Men are masculine, women are feminine - by nature and nurture.

I will refrain from a long discussion on the differences between men and women - if you disagree at this point, you're starting from an ignorant vantage point that may be incurable.

So, to the answer then. Equality in society has to be achieved by the society agreeing on what "equality" means, and striving together to achieve that goal. Does it exist today? Not entirely anywhere in the world. Because there is no society since the early foundation of America that has agreed on foundational presuppositions. Unfortunately, America has been corrupted by the failing in large part of her leaders (men) to pass on the presuppositions to their sons and daughters.

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Women and men are all human. All humans have the same rights . . . human rights: freedom, justice and equality.

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because they where both on earth and both are human if you dont think they should well then your not going to have many friends

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Q: What is Equality for women and men in society?
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Why does feminism exist in society?

Feminism exists in society because women are not equal to men in our society. Feminism will continue to exist until there is equality not just between men and women but until other forms of oppression such as racism exists.

Did Rousseau believe in the equality of men women?

He didn't not believe in equality.

What is meant by the equality of men and women?

Equality of men and women means that both male and female are treated equally and neither gender is discriminated.

What do you think feminism is and have women reached full equality with men?

Feminism is the movement seeking equality between the sexes socially and economically. No, women haven't reached any sort of equality with men.

What did the temperance movement recognize?

the equality of men and women

What about equality among men and women in China?

Men were considered more important than women in China.

Does Quakers insisted on equality of men of men and women true or false?


What is a sentence using the word equality?

Women still fight for workplace equality. Equality under the law is an ideal of American society.

Mary wollstonecraft argued that women and men should have equal?

Mary Wollstonecraft argued that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. She believed that women should receive the same education as men to empower them to become independent and active members of society. Wollstonecraft also advocated for women's political and social equality.

What are the attitudes of Flipino women of today?

The Filipino women of today is modern but still with a taste of conservativeness. They strive harder to achieve equality of rights with the men of the society. Many women take men's courses like engineering, architecture and aeronautics. They also join politics.

What rights did women win during the revolution?

equality to men

What were the roles for free men and free women and slaves in Athenian life?

it don't matter if they are men & women that they should have equality.