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Hey J==Check the timing. If it is off a lot, or if you have both fire and fuel, the chain could be jumped. Pull a plug wire to see if it has fire and spray some starting fluid in the carb to see if it needs fuel .. GoodluckJoe Hey have you tried the coil? Or the ignition module? Should be in the dist. cap. Try to see if you are getting spark to the coil.

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Q: Why might a 1982 Camaro not start if it has a new alternator starter and battery and the motor turns over?
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Your '91 corolla will start sometimes but kind of only when it wants?

your starter might be going out does it click if so its your starter if not than maybe battery if not battery than its the alternator

What are the symptoms of the starter or alternator going bad in you car?

If the starter motor is not turning the engine over correctly, this might be because the vehicle battery is flat. If the battery is not charged, this may be because the alternator is not charging correctly. The recommendation here is to pop along to a local garage or autelectrician asking them to check the charge of the battery, the alternator output, and the starter motor operation if necessary.

What can it be if car want start but all the lights come on alternator or starter.?

The alternator generates electricity, so it's not part of the starting system, which uses the stored electricity in the battery. If the lights work, the battery must be pretty well ok. The starter might be stuck, or it might have failed.

Your car will not start again replaced the battery two days ago what is it now?

could be the alternator or starter sounds like the alternator if the battery is gone flat get the alternator tested at auto parts or garage jump charging the battery might get you out of trouble for a bit

Why won't a 1998 ford contour start after the battery is replaced and alternator checks out good?

u might need a new starter

Why your battery keep dying in your ford f150?


Honda crx wont start?

these might be your problems: BATTERY IS DEAD CORROTED BATTERY TERMINALS STARTER IS NO GOOD ALTERNATOR IS NOT CHARGING those are the only things that have to do with the car not starting

Where is the Voltage regulator on a 89 Camaro?

The voltage regulator on a 1989 Chevy Camaro is inside of the alternator. If you are having issues, such as flickering lights, you might have to replace the entire alternator.

Why does the battery light stay on after replacing the alternator 2009 Chevy Malibu?

You might have a bad battery, a poor connection between the battery and alternator, or a bad ground from the battery.

Why won't the battery stay charged on a1971 vw beetle?

Your battery might be bad, or so might the alternator, or both. A bad alternator will ruin a good battery over time, and vice versa.

Whats wrong if you just have another engine and timing belt installed in a 2001 Daewoo Leganza and now it wont start?

The alternator,or starter might need replacing,or the battery might be dead.

What is wrong with 1994 VW Golf when you turn on the ignition key and you just hear a ticking sound and sometimes if you try it again it will start to turn engine?

Check the battery, it might be low. A low battery can be caused by either an old, worn out battery or by a faulty alternator. If the alternator isn't putting electrical energy into the battery, the battery won't get charged. After all, a battery is only an electrical STORAGE device. If your battery is fine, you might have a weak starter. You should also check your ignition switch. Try disconnecting it, and then touching the female end to the battery. This grounds out the circuit, should start your car for you, and tells you your battery and starter are perfectly fine.

MY 92 Nissan 240sx has been in your garage for 5 years The starter is good the alternator is good but it still will not turn over?

Try the battery, but you might have already done that.

You have an 1983 camaro Z28 and you were wondering why your lights would blink randomly with out touching a thing you were thinking it might be a 7 terminal headlight switch what do you think?

Could also be the alternator or weak battery

What should you check next if you already replaced the battery and the starter and your vehicle still will not start?

Since you changed your battery and starter I'm assuming you are getting fuel and spark is your problem. You should check your starter relay, the wires from the relay to your starter, the wires from your battery to the relay, the wires from your locking cylinder to the relay, and your locking cylinder. You might also check your alternator. You can take it to a parts store to have it bench tested for free.

What could cause a 1990 Firebird to not charge when the NEW alternator checks out to be working just fine?

If the alternator tests good then it might not be a charge problem. Does it do it after you run it awhile? If so you might consider changing the starter. My 92 had a high priced starter on it and anytime you drove more than about 5 miles the battery acted like it was dead. It ended up the starter was getting hot and not turning over right.

I replaced the battery and a starter on a 91 Camry but sometimes it still won't start why?

Might be something wrong with the alternator. Also you need to double check the wires around the battery and starter. Some of them can be loosen. It can cause a lot of troubles. Just make sure that all wires were tighten properly.

Why won't my 2001 Toyota Celica start?

there could be so many things. first you might want to check if the battery is dead then the timing belt and then maybe the starter. also if your battery is goin dead alot check the alternator

Why is Chevrolet Cavalier not charging?

alternator needs to be replaced. battery also might be a problem due to the alternator not charging it

Makes Ticking noise when turning the ignition?

Usually insuffucine power to starter caused by bad or undercharged battery. Try jumping it. You might need a battery or alternator. A bad starter can also do this. Many parts store can test for free and all repair shops can test for you but might charge a few dollars.

What causes the starter to click turns slowly car starts after multiple attempts?

Souns like you're out of battery. Charge it up and it should turn like normal. If your battery is new, then the alternator might not be working well enough to charge it.

Why does your 98 lumina wont turn over not even a sound already check the battery starter and alternator door lock is not even working and all its electrical components?

could be the immobilizer in trouble or might need to be reset especially if you had the battery out

Does a bad starter makes your civic stall?

No, the starter is usually for help starting your car along with your battery. If your car is stalling chack all your spark plugs and wires. If that doesn't work your alternator might not be working. Starters help your car START.

Were is coolantant sensor on a 1997 camaro z28?

it is on the radiator, midway down on the passenger side. by the battery. Might have to get the battery out of the way to get to it.

What might cause a Dodge Neon battery to die?

check battery if it has water and check the starter

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