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You might have loose connections or low cells on your battery. Check the cells on the battery and if they are low fill them with distilled water only. Also make sure your alternator is giving the battery a good charge.

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Q: Why might a 1984 Nissan Quest battery be discharging if not driven for two or more days in the winter?
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What are the off road vehicles for winter?

A snowmobile can be driven off-road in the winter.

Why is your 1987 Nissan 300 zx brand new battery not staying charged?

I had a situation where the security module(under the passenger seat) was drawing from the battery when the car was sitting. I removed it and the draw on the battery stopped, had to buy a new battery because the draw depleted the battery so bad over the winter that the cells died.

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Do you leave your battery tender charger on your motorcycle battery all winter?

no, I don't.

Is the lancer a good winter car?

Yes. it might be, i am unsure, never driven it myself

Can 95 cirrus be driven without thermostat?

All cars can be driven without a thermostat. The thermostat is used to heat the car in winter by forcing the water temperature up.

If you leave a battery in car for the winter and not turn it over will it kill the battery?

Not it it is a good battery. I suggest if you are going to let it set for an entire winter, disconnect the positive battery cable. It should be fine if it is a good battery that is fully charged. You might want to put a charger on it next spring just before trying to start the engine after you reconnect the positive cable.

Can you charge a battery by freezing the battery?

No. Freezing a battery will damage it. have you tested it? The worst environment for any battery is COLD. That is why there are so many problems with car batteries in the Winter. If the electrolyte in the battery freezes, it will usually expand and crack the battery case or distort the plates in the battery

Can you take the battery out of a 2006 f250 for the winter?

Sure you can remove it and store it.

How do you keep a battery from freezing?

Keep it charged and it will not freeze. A 1 amp trickle charger works well on a stored battery in the winter.

Why is my 2017 Hyundai Elantra remote engine starter that was dealer installed last winter not working this winter?

Check the battery in the remote.

What weight of oil for a 2000 frontier Nissan in winter?

5w30 is recommended for year round use by nissan. if the outside temperature stays above 0 then 10w30 can be used.

Where is directional valve located?

On my 1998 Buick the valve was located near the battery. Mine was damaged during a hurried winter battery change.

Can you put a 2001 Nissan Maxima SE rims into a 1997 Nissan Maxima GLE?

I own a 2001 maxima se and put 1995 rims on it during the winter. You can do the oposit.

Do I need to replace the battery on my electric scooter over the winter if I haven't used it?


Why batteries discharge more quickly in winter?

Because temperature affects the efficiency of a battery

Your truck battery won't hold a charge?

Change it. Batteries do tend to fail in winter, they have to work that much harder. It probably has a dead cell in it. Take it to an auto parts store, they will usually check them for free - besides, you'll need to bring it in as a "core" trade that can be deducted off the price of a new battery. Lead acid batteries have a long life if properly treated. An old battery will loose is capacity, especially when cold. There could be a problem with the charging circuit via the alternator? Over time the plates corrode and can internally short, the dielectric may need topping up. Perhaps something is discharging the battery that you might not be aware of? The radio? A light? If the battery is over four years old, replace it.

Does plugging a truck battery in keep it juiced?

By "juiced" I suppose you mean "charged". If you are using a battery charger to keep the battery charged and there are no other problems with the electrical system, you are causing unnecessary harm to the battery. On the other hand, if you do have problems you might want to find out why the battery is discharging before you go to the extreme measure of putting a charger on the battery. A "trickle charger" (very low amperage; 1/4 amp or less) could be used if the vehicle is not started very often, but they aren't typically available. On the other hand, if you're just using the engine heater plug that comes with many vehicles, that is not typically connected to a battery charger and is used to keep the engine from getting too cold during the most severe winter nights. The STOCK engine heater or even an after-market engine heater can be quite helpful for those engines that are difficult to start in severe winter weather. While battery capacity significantly diminishes in severe cold weather, it should still be enough to start the engine if everything else is functioning properly.

Why won't Taurus battery keep a charge?

eather the battery has a dead cell or if it is farly new and was dead for a period of time in the winter will kill the battery and cause it not to charge.... or it could be the altinator that is bad and not charging

Should you disconnect both battery poles for winter storage?

Not both. Disconnect the NEGATIVE post.

Should house batteries be removed from an RV during winter shut down?

As long as you keep them charged you do not have to remove them. A fully charged battery will not freeze, but a dead battery will.

What is the best car battery to use in the winter?

Any type of car battery that is long lasting such as Duralast can be very good for you and your car because it will save you money and energy.

How do you stop a car battery from dying in the winter?

In the winter, your car's oil starts to congeal making the car harder to start. It takes more amperage than in summer to run the starter. Three things could be happening. First: you could be using an inadequate battery. You could be using a battery at the low end of the amperage range that will start your car. You need to get a more powerful battery with greater amperage. Second: batteries slowly wear out. As pieces of the electrodes wear out and fall to the bottom of the battery, the battery looses amperage and must be replaced with one of adequate size. Third: you could have a wire with some insulation worn. Electricity from the battery can slowly leak out of your battery. Enough can remain to start your car in summer but not in winter. You can check your wires for worn insulation.

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Why does your 1995 960 wagon not turn on only during winter time It does not crank if its outside until 15-30 minutes.only in the winter and if its outside Please help?

Weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Loose connection at starter? Bad ground cable?