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Why might a Dodge Avenger act like it is running out of gas while driving?


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2006-10-15 16:06:04
2006-10-15 16:06:04

Try having the fuel injectors flushed/cleaned or changing the fuel filter. try using premium gas instead of the cheap stuff You could need an idle air control valve or a throttle position sensor. Both are located on the throttle body.


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The transmission dipstick for the 2008 dodge avenger is considered a mopar technician specialty tool. basically what this means is that they want you to bring your vehicle into a licensed dealer to have maintenance performed on the transmission. It is possible to get ahold of one, but it might be hard to come by

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it might have a sticking thermostat.

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it's governed at 130 MPH. depending on the condition of the engine it might not make it that fast.

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