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Try having the fuel injectors flushed/cleaned or changing the fuel filter. try using premium gas instead of the cheap stuff You could need an idle air control valve or a throttle position sensor. Both are located on the throttle body.

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Q: Why might a Dodge Avenger act like it is running out of gas while driving?
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Why would the vents in a dodge avenger be blowing dust?

your cabin filter might be dirty

What might cause a 1995 Dodge Avenger to stall out every time you throw it into reverse?


Is there a transmission dipstick for the 2008 dodge avenger 3.5?

The transmission dipstick for the 2008 dodge avenger is considered a mopar technician specialty tool. basically what this means is that they want you to bring your vehicle into a licensed dealer to have maintenance performed on the transmission. It is possible to get ahold of one, but it might be hard to come by

Why does my Dodge Dakota only over heat when driving?

it might have a sticking thermostat.

How fast will a 98 dodge avenger with a 4 cylinder go?

it's governed at 130 MPH. depending on the condition of the engine it might not make it that fast.

What might cause a 1994 Dodge Stealth to stopped running?

you could be outa gas, the ecu coulda went out, you might have blown your engine, this is a pretty vague question

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1996 dodge avenger?

Drop the tank pull the sending unit and the pump is in the sending unit to swap u might have to replace the hole sending unit to be able to get the pump

What is the cause of a grinding noise coming from the rear endof a 1998 dodge avenger?

Sounds like you need a new set of brake pads and might have to get the rotors turned. Sounds like you need a new set of brake pads and might have to get the rotors turned.

What might be wrong with john deere 4300 hydrostatic transmission it stopped driving pto stopped running but engine is fine?

check the torsion dampener.

95 Yukon and it acts like its running out of gas when its running it starts jerking as you're driving and it acts like it might die when I'm driving what are some of the reasons why?

Clogged fuel filter or failing fuel pump. Replace the fuel filter and see if that helps. If not have a fuel pressure test run to see if the pump is failing.

How do you open the door of a 1998 avenger with a broken door handle?

To open a door on a 1998 Avenger that has a broken handle, a person might have to use another door to gain entry to the vehicle. Then the door can be opened from the inside.

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Land Rover discovery stopped running while driving?

Have alternator checked. There should also be other signs like lossing power to certain things or dim lights, if so...might be the alternator.

Is there a switch that might stop the fuel pump from running while driving?

NO, some cars have a roll over switch that will turn off the pump in the event of a rollover accident, but nothing that you can turn on or off yourself.

2003 Dodge Grande Caravan..Recently found out it was driving 2-3 months without an oil cap. Van now knocks while accelerating and gets louder as a gas pedal is depressed. What could it be?

sounds like you might of blown a large amount of oil out so motor was running without oil and sounds like that your rods are knocking

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Why is your 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 miss firing?

it might need just a tune up. plugs wires etc. if not, look into your coil or electronic ignition system. try running some fuel injector cleaner through it first to see if it might be injector issues too

1998 dodge ram will not stay running unless you hold down gas?

There might be carbon build up on your top port where your gas is sprayed in through, I want to say butterfly valve, if it has one under the intake manifold.

Why is my timing belt not turning on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?

it might be broken.

Why won't a Dodge Stratus start?

The Dodge Stratus might not start because the battery is dead or the starter is worn or damaged. It might not start because it is out of gas or because the fuel line has water or air in it.

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