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Without buying expensive test equipment, you can test it by replacing the questionable part with a known good part.


did you have the new batt.tested where you bought it?you can get a bad the shelf i know. starter draging.just went though this myself

Even though its a new battery, it may be the alternator!! the easiest way to check it is to get it started when running, take the negative cable or black cable off of your battery if it stays running your alternator is fine if it dies the alternator is bad!! the alternator helps keep the battery charged and going!!

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Q: Why might a car not start after installing a new battery?
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Why won't my car start after not being used for 1 week?

You might need a new battery. You might need a new battery.

How do you put a car battery in your car?

Disconnect negative cable first from old battery and connect it last when installing new battery.

Disconnected battery car will not start?

Correct, a car will not start with a disconnected battery

Why will your car not start after installing CD player?

you have a bad car

Why might a car wont start if the lights stayed on?

you drain your battery when you leave your lights on

If a car's oil battery engine temperature and engine lights come on and then the car slows down and dies is it the car's alternator or is it the battery?

if you can start car pull off the neg battery cable if car stalls its the altinater if it stays running it might be the battery

Will a vehicle start off a charger regardless of a dead batterie?

If the battery has a defective cell it might not allow the car to start with a charger. Have the battery tested.

What cable to you connect first when installing a car battery?

red or positive

Can an Defibrillator jump start a car battery?

No, a defibrillator will not jump start a car battery.

Battery cable hooked up backward car wont start?

Depending on what you mean there are two answers. A car being jumped with cables on backward will short out the car either blowing the electrical system and or causing sparks. If you are installing a battery in your car and you put the cables on backwards then you will either drain the battery or short out the car.

Why doesn't my car start and clicks when i try to start it?

Your battery might be dead. Or you may have a faulty starter relay switch

What happens if you use too small a battery in my car?

If you use too small of a battery in the car, there might not be enough amps to start the car. You could also damage electrical components in the vehicle.

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