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If that company was Apple or Microsoft, using Linux instead would be a bit bad for business.

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Q: Why might a company not want to use Linux on ts desktop computers?
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Why might a computer company want to use Linux on its desktop computers?

-To save money -To use more reliable OS -To be independent from Microsoft or other big company.

Why do you think a company might not want to use Linux on desktop computers?

Most people do not currently use Linux on their computer at home, so they will be unfamiliar with it. Thus, the employees will need to be taught how to use the new interface and / or software. In a small company, this may be relatively easy, but it will be time-consuming and probably costly to train thousands of employees in a larger company. Also, a few companies may rely on specialized software that has not been ported to Linux, and cannot be run feasibly with Wine.

Is it better to buy refurbished desktop computers, or to buy new desktop computers?

Both refurbished and new computers work the same, but new have never been used and might work better.

Why might a large company use the Linux operating system?

it can be modified to fit the specific needs of the company

How do laptop computers cool?

at the back of the laptops is a cooling fan, it is not as powerful as the desktop computers but if is sufficent if you play games on the laptop it might over heat there for it would be better to play games on a desktop computer!!

Why might a large research company use Linux operating system?

it can be modified to fit the specific needs of the company

Why might a large research company use the Linux operating system?

it can be modified to fit the specific needs of the company

What are some drawbacks of purchasing refurbished desktop computers?

Many people choose to buy refurbished desktop computers because it is cheaper than buying them new. However, some might not have been fixed up completely.

Where can you find used Dell XPS desktop computers for sale?

Dell is a very popular computer company. The Dell XPS desktop has become less available as laptops and tablets have become more prominent on the market. However, one might likely purchase one online at Amazon or eBay.

Which of the following is not a main characteristic associated with desktop computers as compared to notebooks?

A desktop computer is more expensive. It might be proce wise but value wise it's way cheeper than notebook.

Who makes more computers dell or ford?

I might be wrong, but as far as I know, ford doesn't make computers at all. It's a car company, where as dell is a computer company.

Which is the best linux based os that can run on 256 mb of ram?

knoppix could probably run on that, but it is primarily a live disk os, so it might have issues if you want to use it as a desktop or server

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