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first determine if your 4 wheel drive is automatic or manual,that is do u have to shift it physically or do u press a button,also try using the chiltons repair manual for answers it can be purchased at most auto stores pep boys etc., there is a pretty good trouble shooting section in there that can guide u in the right direction and make u more knowledgeable when dealing with repair shops

Answermake sure wheels are all facing straight ahead. Push the lever to the 4WD position. move forward a bit and the green light should come on. Remember not to use 4WD on paved roads its not good for the car. If you just can't tell if it is working go to a rocked parking lot or road engage the 4WD and make a few slow sharp turns left. You should feel the front wheels slipping or kicking up rocks. AnswerMy 01' Montero Sport would not go into 4WD because of a bad vacume solenoid.

==Possible cause===I had the same problem, went in to the dealer - they replaced the electrical switches that engage the 4x4 (possibly the same thing as a solenoid). During the conversation with the mechanic, he mentioned that they go bad if they are not used on a semi regular basis. He recommended putting the vehicle in 4x4 at least once a month for a short distance. Makes sense to me. We replaced the parts 4 years ago - I've done this and haven't had any further trouble engaging 4x4.

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where are the sensors? at the shifter beneath the console (inside the cab)or transmission
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Q: Why might the 4-wheel drive not engage on a 2001 Montero Sport XLS?
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== ==

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