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Why might the AC in a 1997 Tracer not blow cold air even after you use a recharge kit?


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2004-05-27 11:19:56
2004-05-27 11:19:56

Hey Keitha==There are several reasons that it ould be. One, the compressor may not be turning and two, there can be too much refrigerant which will cause it not to cool. Three it can be the cycleing switch not engaging the compressor. It just has to be looked at by someone that knows what they are doing. Goodluck, Joe


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Probably low on freon. Have the system tested for leaks, repair if necessary and recharge system.

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Yes, if you recharge it on the high side, you could blow up the can using to recharge it. So it is very important to use the low side.

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Might need more coolant or may need to replace thermostat.

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make sure you have not blow your turbo. If you did not blow the turbo you might have put a hole into the intercooler. This will cause you to use a ton of gas

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You may need to recharge the cooling chemical in your unit.

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