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Why might the drivers-side window operation on a 2002 GMC Safari be erratic?


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2017-06-15 13:26:05
2017-06-15 13:26:05

Does it sometimes work and sometimes not? (switch or wiring or connection)

Does it start to work and then stop and start and stop and start (motor overheat)?

Does it make any unusual noises?

The grooves on each side of the window where the glass slides in, may require a little silicone spray. .

Both my 92 Astro and 95 Safari had the same problem. The following will also solve the Remote mirrors not working properly, door locks not working windows not working That being, where the door hinge is located on both drivers and passanger is where these wires over time open up completley, or, are just hanging on by the plastic wire insulation, which would account for it working sometimes and not somtimes. I just repaired them again this is the second time I've done it to this Safari. With a blade I carefully cut away the accordian rubber protector in the door hinge area. I slip heat shrink over the damaged ones, solder them back up. Then slide the heat shrink over the repair job and seal it. You will also see some that are about to crack these I skin back and apply a bit of solder to reenforce them as they will likely be your next problem,


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