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Why might the front power windows of a 1991 Dodge Shadow not work?

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if both don't work I would check for a fuse or bad connection in a wiring harness. If one doesnt work i would check for a bad motor or bad switch

Just fixed my driver side power window. Is seams over the years, rust collected between the motor drive gear and the main gear that helps move the window up and down. I ended up taking the motor out and cleaning out the rust. Workes fine now. I had to take the time and remove the armrest and door panel to get inside the door itself to access the motor. Its not hard, just takes time.

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Why is my timing belt not turning on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?

it might be broken.

Headlight wiring diagram for 91 dodge shadow?

The headlight wiring diagram for a 91 Dodge shadow can be found in the service repair manual. The manual might be found at the library, and can be ordered through most auto parts.

What would cause the coil to quit pulsing on a 1992 dodge shadow?

If it has a distributor, it might be the pickup inside the distributor.

Where is the cigarette lighter or 12V plug in located in a 1994 dodge shadow?

Above the cup holders but yours might not have one.

Why will none of the power windows in my 2005 Dodge Durango not work?

You might have pushed the window lock button which will cause you to not be able to open any of the windows. You might also have a bad computer which is getting old and needs to be thrown away

Why doesn't my heater work well in my 93 dodge shadow?

i had this problem ( but i might not work for you here is what i found) you have to check the fluid levels in you rad when cooled down you might not have enough coolent.

How do you fix a fan that is not working on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?

It might be the fan relay its located on the driver side fender wall it should be the one with the metal top

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Do you have to remove the timing belt on a 91 dodge shadow to replace the water pump?

No! I just got done replacing the water pump in my '93 shadow. Although it looks as though you might have to remove the timing belt, you don't! Which is good news, I know.

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