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Why most all the people like meat?


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Most peoples are like meat,because it have very much calories,and it make powerful to peoples,it make blood and other compulsary protiness,it have a lot of calories ane protine,for that people like meat...,!


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All meat products like chicken , fish ...

Many african origin people like chicken. It is their favorite meat in their genes.

Because like all animals, monkeys are meat. Meat is an excellent source of nutrients - particularly protein.

No I don't think dragons eat cucumbers they like meat, but depending on the dragon it might like people or cows and stuff like like. All in all not vegitarian...he'd probobly burn it anyway... Keep in mind that to a dragon, cows, people, sheep, etc. are all just different types of meat.

Most people would regard all fowl as white meat - but white meat doesn't have any absolutely watertight definition. (I can't think of anyone who doesn't accept Chicken as white meat).

Yes Snail meat like all meat is protein.

No, not all people like soda. Most do, but there are some that don't, just like with every product in America. i don't.

they eat all kind's of meat like pork ham bacon and beef (that's all the meat that i can remember)

Like all meat, kangaroo meat must be refrigerated.

While the Chinese are reputed to eat a wide variety of animals, most Chinese cannot afford to have meat all the time.

Yes. You could consider them to be meat, though they are not in most human diets. Worms of all types, like most bugs, contain a large proportion of protein. And when we are talking about meat, we are usually referring to a food source that has lots of protein.

most likely yes but not all people

not all people like desserts but the people who do like it because they are delicious and sweet most of the time

Canadians like to eat fruit, corn, vegetables, and most o all, MEAT!

yes,all peoples have meat if you didnt know here you go theres the answer

vegetable's, meat ,white meat and all the things which are halal in Islam

Because people are meat eaters so plants have to be meat eaters and allot of animals are meat eater's people are vegetarian's some people are vegetarians and eat some meat people just stay vegetarians and eat nothing at all just vegetables!Even for dinner

if fish is the ONLY meat one eats, one is referred to as a "Pescatarian". there's one answer. All sorts of meat, I'll leave for others to answer as I simply do not care. People that eat both meat and vegetables are called omnivores. people who eat only meat are called? people who only eat meat are called carnavores?

Cats are all obligate carnivores and must have meat to survive.

Yes, it is, because it living animal like fish, beef, pork they are all meat because they are living animals. Lunch meat is meat to but, it is not the only meat.

carnivores eat all meat,an omnivore eats everything ( veggies meat, dairy, etc.), vegetarians don't eat meat, and vegans don't eat anything that comes from animals, and will sometimes extend their practices to not using any animal products whatsoever, like wool or leather.

Balls man that is all

People like almost every heroine. All heroine are so beautiful but most people like Sabnur. She is so beautiful.

Most of them that you buy at the grocery store do not contain horse meat. You can get them specially made with horse meat but not all of them do.

Before during lent the people couldn't eat any meat at all.

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