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if you buy a chiltons guide it'll tell you how to access the self diagnostic mode that works in conjunction with your check engine light (cel) ..... using the test connectors in your car your cel will flash out trouble codes that can be interpreted through the chiltons guide..... keep in mind though if it flashes out ,for example ,the code that denotes a faulty oxygen sensor ... it may not be the oxy. sensor but any other part up or downstream of it ... in other words its a basic guide .... youll still have to learn all the parts included in that particular loop ... its better to learn to trouble shoot correctly as many of the components are electrical which most auto parts stores will not take returns on they have been installed

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Q: Why my Opel Atsra 1999 1.7 XDTL engine warning lights on when traveling at approximately 2000 revs and when depressing accelarator pedal goes off?
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