Why no water from new pipes?

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There may be debris in the pipe from adding the new pipes that have plugged the screen in the faucet. The end of the spout has the screen and unscrews. The valves themselves can also be plugged.
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If you're installing a new water heater with current copper piping is there an advantage to sweating new joints or can you just use compression fittings?

While most people won't go to the extent they should to properly install a water heater the appropriate method is as follows: 1: the water heater has threaded fittings most li

Can a amateur run a new line of copper pipe for main source water lines?

Yes as it takes about 5 minutes to teach an 8 year old how to clean and properly solder copper fittings... The only problem is learning how to size the piping system to preven

How does water get into pipes?

Water company builds dams filled with water. It is then cleaned by using chlorine put into pipes underground and linked to houses.

Can copper and galvanized pipes mixed cause the hot water pressure low new water tank and still low pressure?

The question makes no sense. what doesn't make sense ,the house has installed half of copper pipes and half galvanized the cold water is running fine but the hot water is s

What is water pipe?

A bong or a water pipe is a special pipe. When a person smokes with a bong, they pull the smoke through the water in it. This makes the smoke not as hot. Most often, eithe

What is water supply water pipe?

The water supply water pipe is the water service pipe that bringswater into a building. The water supply pipe comes from the roadinto the house.
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Where can you purchase new water pipes?

You can purchase new water pipes from your local hardware store. Some home improvement stores also sell them, like Lowes, and some specialist bathroom outlets sell them too.