Why older dogs rear leg shake or twitch?

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probably something to do with the nerves in there legs it's a age thing not an illness or anything
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When you pet a dog why does its leg shake?

There is a certain area on a dog's body that is referred to as the "saddle region." It vaguely consists of the back, sides and flanks. Rubbing or scratching a dog in the saddle region (the exact spot varies according to the individual pet) will cause the hind leg to simulate a scratching motion. Thi ( Full Answer )

Why do your legs shake after exercise?

Answer . You have depleted the energy reserves of your muscles, but that's a good thing, since it trains the muscles to be more efficient, forces your body to build muscle tissue and helps your cardio system become more healthy.\n. \nKeep it up, it's good for you.

Why is your dog twitching?

Your dogs leg may be twitching because it may have gotten hurt or because it doesn't have strength with in its body......

Why do dogs shake?

To get off water, dust, and other debris in their fur. Or they shake because it is too cold. They also shake when they are nervous or frightened.

Why does my dog shake?

Answer . Well, it depends on if the dog is wet or not. If it is, this is it's way of drying off. If He/she is dry, I do not know.

What do you do if your dog is shaking?

Say your dog has just been in water, it could shake because it is cold. Normally, if I'm on a walk, I'll leave him, but if we're at home or something, I'll wrap him in a towel. If only their legs are shaking for no reason, I'll take the dog to the vet, just in case it has something wrong with its le ( Full Answer )

Dogs twitch their paws when they are sleeping?

When a dog dreams, sometimes it will physically "act out" what it the dog is dreaming. For instance, if he or she is dreaming about digging or running, the paws may twitch. Some dogs bark and growl in their sleep, too. It's nothing to be worried out about at all--it's completely normal.

What does it mean when a dog shakes it's legs?

I assume you mean - when you're scratching the dog. It's an involuntary movement that means - that's the sweet spot -- "that's just where I need to be scratched."

What are the causes of weakness in rear legs in dogs?

\nthere are many causes:\n. \nTrauma to the spinal cord between thoracic to lumbar-sacral region.\nAny brain lesion/mass/tumor.\nAny infection of the brain/brain stem(spinal cord).\nRabies.\nDiabetic neuropathy.\nOsteoarthritis of spine.\nosteoarthritis of rear legs.\nIntervertebral disc disease.(d ( Full Answer )

Why do boys shake their legs?

It's normally when we get bored or uncomfortable we tend too get restless and it becomes quite nice to do and you can't stop I also tend to tap tables sometimes but people winge when I fidgeted and shook my legs in bed alot its because were restless

What would cause a dogs legs to shake?

there could be lots of reasons these are a couple of suggestions i hope they help. Maybe the dog is cold or even if your dog suffers from bad nerves. or even it could just be a twitch. I have a dog and she tends to twitch her legs in her sleep but just because shes dreaming. It wouldn't be nothing s ( Full Answer )

Do your hands shake and your body twitch because of withdrawal from Lexapro?

When initially prescribing lexapro to me about 2 years ago, my doctor stated that the side effects were much less noticeable with this drug compared to the celexa I had been on, and especially for men. As a now 36 year old male who's been on the drug I can say this, my depression was abated, but I ( Full Answer )

Dog walking with rear legs spread?

It is possible your dog is suffering from vestibular disease. Have him checked by your vet. few things that cause this is ear infection old age or some pet medication.

Why does your leg shake?

Dog's legs shake as an involuntary reflex while being scratched."It's a completely involuntary reaction, which explains why yourdog may look as puzzled as you do when it starts to happen."

Why does your dog twitch?

Your dog twitches because it needs a friend. If it already has a friend then maby you need to spend more time with your dog

Why do people shake or twitch their legs when they are sitting down and are conscious?

it's one of many subtle coping mechanisms. if someone is aggitated by something, they'll twitch their legs. when i stopped doing it it gave me time to observe others that do it and yeah people that are more flamboyant and active will tend to do it more. or if they can't sit still. i find that if you ( Full Answer )

Why does your dogs paw twitch?

if the dog is sleeping they could be dreaming of chasing a mailman or sumthin IDK my dog does it too.

Why do dogs twitch?

Why a dog twitches: Well first off, he/she should'nt twitch when they are not sleeping. Or they may have a bug like a tick. This can simply be solved with tick or bug cream at any local store that sells pet products. IF he/she is sleeping and is twitching, there are many reasons for it. like: 1. Th ( Full Answer )

Why is your dog twitching in his sleep?

\nIt's usually just because they are dreaming. Mine twitches his feet in his sleep and apparently it's because he's running in his dream. He also slightly barks in his sleep.

Why do your dogs legs shake?

when dogs shake, it means one of these 3 things; 1. it is scared 2. it is cold 3. it is excited

Do cats twitch or shake when in heat?

Female cats exhibit odd behavior when they go into heat. They rubagainst things, twitch their tails and at times tremble. They mayalso eat more, become restless and emit a high-pitched "cat call."

When you do your bicep workout why do your legs shake?

Well, you may need to work on those legs, or you are pumping too much weight for the level you are at. You do need to stretch your limit, but do not stretch it so far you risk injury. Well, you may need to work on those legs, or you are pumping too much weight for the level you are at. You do need ( Full Answer )

Why is your dog twitching after getting spayed?

It's just like cat's, you're dog is twitching because it has'nt got used to being spayed because it's trying not to give birth to the baby's. So the female dog try's to force the baby's up and eat them.

Why do your legs shake when your stretching?

well it's like this, if you've been sitting down for some many minutes, and you're stiff, when you stretch you start shaking your leg because you' rereleasing the stiffness from your leg

Where did the term shake a leg come from?

From the American Civil War--The battles of the civil war were bloody and gruesome. Often after a bayonet charge, the dead and wounded would often end up in a tangled and bloody pile. When the fighting ended, the stretcher-bearers would come out to sort the dead from the wounded. One way they had ( Full Answer )

Why do my legs shake around him?

Shaking legs is a sign of fear or other strong emotion. Possibly you are afraid to become involved with him, or possibly you are afraid that you won't become involved with him.

Why does your dog twitch while it sleeps?

Many animals dream, just like you do. In their dreams, they are running around, chasing things and having fun -- just like when you dream, you move, the dog moves around when it's dreaming.

Why do boys always shake their legs?

boys can shake his leg because it is a habite and he likelike the way it feels. A boy can also shake his legs because he is streesed out! It feels better if he shakes his legs very fast in just in hisunderwear and it is good for legs.

Why does your dogs back legs shake when he lies down?

I think you should take your dog to your veterinarian, particularly if your dog's legs only shake or tremble when he is going from standing to lying down. This could be a symptom of nerve damage or muscle weakness, which needs to be diagnosed and potentially treated before it gets worse.

Why does the leg twitch during oral?

The leg muscle twitches because the pleasure is so great that it causes your body to unintentionally flex muscles in the area of pleasure.

What does the idiom shake a leg mean?

It means.. Take action or Get going or Get moving or move quicker Shake a leg means to hurry up. For example "Shake a leg we are already late for the game."

What if the dog twitches a lot while a wake?

With some dogs, it's hard to tell if they are truly awake, as some can sleep with their eyes partially or fully open. Some dogs are naturally twitchy, but if you notice an excessive twitchiness, especially if it is accompanied by nausea and apparent dizziness, the dog may be having a seizure or a st ( Full Answer )