Why older dogs rear leg shake or twitch?

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probably something to do with the nerves in there legs it's a age thing not an illness or anything
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When you pet a dog why does its leg shake?

There is a certain area on a dog's body that is referred to as the "saddle region." It vaguely consists of the back, sides and flanks. Rubbing or scratching a dog in the saddl

What does it mean when a dog shakes it's legs?

I assume you mean - when you're scratching the dog. It's an involuntary movement that means - that's the sweet spot -- "that's just where I need to be scratched."

What are the causes of weakness in rear legs in dogs?

\nthere are many causes:\n. \nTrauma to the spinal cord between thoracic to lumbar-sacral region.\nAny brain lesion/mass/tumor.\nAny infection of the brain/brain stem(spinal

What would cause a dogs legs to shake?

there could be lots of reasons these are a couple of suggestions i hope they help. Maybe the dog is cold or even if your dog suffers from bad nerves. or even it could just be

Dog walking with rear legs spread?

It is possible your dog is suffering from vestibular disease. Have him checked by your vet. few things that cause this is ear infection old age or some pet medication.

Why does your dog twitch?

Your dog twitches because it needs a friend. If it already has a friend then maby you need to spend more time with your dog

Why do people shake or twitch their legs when they are sitting down and are conscious?

it's one of many subtle coping mechanisms. if someone is aggitated by something, they'll twitch their legs. when i stopped doing it it gave me time to observe others that do i

Why do dogs twitch?

Why a dog twitches: Well first off, he/she should'nt twitch when they are not sleeping. Or they may have a bug like a tick. This can simply be solved with tick or bug cream at
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Why do your dogs legs shake?

when dogs shake, it means one of these 3 things; 1. it is scared 2. it is cold 3. it is excited