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Q: Why panda bears eat bamboo?
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What relationship do panda bears and bamboo have?

Panda bears eat bamboo

What exactly do panda bears eat?

Panda Bears eat only bamboo. They are not carnivores and live mostly in China where bamboo is plentifullike 20 pounds of bamboo a day, maybe more

What do panda bears eat in the wild?


What things do panda bears eat?


What do a panda bears eat?

Pandas usually eat bamboo

Do panda bears eat termites?

no pandas eat bamboo

Do panda bears eat hard or soft bamboo exgreenish or dried up yellowish bamboo?

Dried up yellowish bamboo is dead bamboo,and soft bamboo exgreenish is growing bamboo.So panda bears eat soft bamboo exgreenish.

Where do panda gets their food?

Panda bears mainly eat bamboo shoots.

Do panda bears have sharp teeth?

Panada Bears have a few sharp teeth to help them chew bamboo.

What do panda bears like to eat the most?


What do panda bears eat?

Pandas eat primarily bamboo leaves and shoots.I think Bamboo.

What do the panda bears eat?

Pandas eat primarily bamboo leaves.

Do panda bears eat wood?

They eat wood bamboo leaves.

Do panda bears eat other animals?

o they eat bamboo

Where does a giant panda find food?

Panda bears eat bamboo, which are found in forests

What are some plants panda bears like to eat?


Are panda bears ominivores?

No they are herbivores, they eat only bamboo.

What animals eat leaves and roots?

Bears, Panda's eat leaves and bamboo,

What animals eat bamboo?

panda bears

Do panda bears like candy?

Pandas eat bamboo and plants.

Is a panda bear a predator to other animals?

i think that panda bears are vegatarians that's why they eat bamboo

What is the prey of the panda bear?

I heard that the thing that the pandas eat is bamboo in the bamboo forests in China. So, the answer is bamboo.bambooPanda bears are herbivores, not carnivores, so they don not have "prey". The panda's main diet is a healthy bamboo setting.

What is the difference between polar bears and panda bears?

Panda's live in China while Polar bears live in the Arctic Cirle. Panda's are black and white and Polar bears are only white. Panda's mainly eat bamboo Polar Bears eat mainly seals There are a lot of differences these are just a few

What are some very facts about Panda Bears?

Panda bears eat about 80 pounds of bamboo every day, and mothers are fiercely protective of their young.

Are panda bears omnivores?

yes panda bears are onivores the eat 99% bamboo and1% small animals (usally dead).yes. while they perfer things like bamboo they have been known to eat mice from time to time.