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'cos a potato is a tubar, its not a root!

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Do potatoes have tubers?

i don't know about potatoes having tubers, but i know there is a type of potato that is called tubers.

Is potato root?

A potato produce underground tubers. It is the tubers that are edible.

Is sweet potato rhizomes?

no a sweet potato is a tubers

What is a tubers example?

Tubers are modified plant structures that are meant to store nutrients. Examples include the Idaho potato, Jerusalem artichoke and sweet potato. The daylily also has unedible tubers.

Which vegetables are tubers?

ginger potato yam

Potato is what part of a plant?

the potato is the whole of the plant although we eat the tubers

Are yams roots?

yes, they are root tubers. In contrast, potato tubers are specialized underground stems.

What is the difference between a red potato a white potato and a sweet potato?

A red potato is a firm variety of potato; white potatoes are Irish and English varieties, a sweet potato is not really a potato, it was mistakenly called one by the English. Sweet potatoes are often called yams but they are two different tubers.

How can you grow a potato plant without a seed?

Potato plant is generally grown by tubers.

Examples of tubers?

potato chines lantern plant

What are examples of tubers plant?

cassava,sweet potato

What are the names of tubers plant?

Yam Potato Manioc

Is the potato an underground stem?

It is indeed! b eacuse potato is understood as a tubers in the vegetable system.

Which carbohydrate molecule you sfound in potato tuber cells?

carbohydrate found in potato tubers is starch.

What if potato plants do not flower?

Propagation in potato takes place by tubers, therefore flowering is not so important for potato plant.

What are examples of tubers?

potato Sweet potatoes Begonia Cyclamen

Is a potato a plant part?

Potato plant develops branched rhizomes (stolons) and underground tubers rich in starch (known as vegetable potato)

Potato tubers cells have leucoplast which help with?

They help with storage of starch.

Is potato a Modified underground stem?

yes. because it is considered as tubers

Where does a potato plant make its food?

in the tubers i had a tough time too!

What plants reproduce by tubers?

ube, potato, gabi, camote and ginger

Is potato a leave ora fruit or root?

Potato plants (Solanum tuberosum) produce edible underground tubers.

What is a tuber potato?

A potato is a tuber, meaning a vegetable that is the "root" part of the plant that is edible. Carrots are also tubers.

Which plant develops tubers during one of the stages of its life cycle?

A potato develops tubers during one of the stages of its life cycle.

Is a yam a root vegetable?

yes and its not a sweet potato. remember potatoes are tubers

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