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Why rain is important?

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Rain is important because if you had flowers it wouldn't be able to grow.

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Is rain important to the universe?

Rain is only important on Earth

Why is a rain gauge important?

It measures the rain.

Why are rain forests important to the global ecosystem?

Rain forest are important to global resource because of the animals and crops. A rain forest needs lots of rain.

Why is rain important for human?

No rain, no food, bud.

Is rain in Kenya important?

yes, without rain Kenya would eventually run out of water....rain is important everywhere in the entire world.

Why are Brazil's rain forests important to whole world?

the rain forests important because of oxygen [the teachers will give you A+

Tropical rain forests are an important source of what?

Tropical rain forests are an important source of water to the land and animals that live in there. If the rain forest didn't rain anymore then all the plants and animals die. :(

Why are bees important to the rain froest?

bees are important to the rain forest because they bring pollen from lower to the higher parts of the rain forest and the make more plants

What important line of latitudeis near most rain forests?

most rain forest are near which important line of latitude

What does acid is important?

Acid Rain

How and why is the water cycle important to plants?

It is important because if there was no evaporation it would not rain. If it doesn't rain everything would be desert. Every part of the water cycle is important.

Why what is happening in brazil so important to the future of the rain forests?

In Brazil there is a lot rain. The rain is needed so that the rain forests in Brazil can live.

Why is a rain gauge important in forecasting the weather?

a rain gauge measures the amount of rain that has fallen over a specific time.

Why is water important to the rain?

Well the rain IS the water so without water, rain wouldn't exist. Hope I helped!

Why are the effects of acid rain important?

Because when it rain and flooding it really absorbed by the ground,

Why is rain important to man?

Rain is important to man because it is a big part in a cycle like rain grows grass cows eat grass man eats cow and rain flows through streams men get water from trees.

How important is rain to animal and plant life 100 words?

It is very important. If any kind of organism does not have water near them, they can depend on rain

Why do some people think it is important to preserve rain forest-?

It's important to preserve the rain forest because rain forests are a huge part of the Earth's ecosystem which is only being destroyed by humans.

Why is clouds so important?

they make rain

Why is the climate in the rain forest important?

Because it is

Why are Cumulus clouds important?

without them you will not have rain.

What is the most important result of the water cycle?

rain is the most important result of watercycle....... without rain there are no crops........ no crops no food...... no humans

How important is rain to animal and plant life?

No rain, no fresh water, no land-based life.

Why are rain forests an important global resource?

rain forests are a huge habitat for billions of animals

Why are rain barrels important?

they are important because they help the environmet and stop pollution.